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INZUZA – the name can refer to the spirit or the snake that controls the spirit, when people are talking about Inzuza they might be referring between the two, though there are also people who are called in that way. Some people call it a water spirit though it is not just a water spirit it is also the snake including the people who live under the water. I have long promised to write about this spirit working in Bangoma but I normally write a topic when my spirit has told me to do so. INZUZA THE SPIRIT THAT REIGNS THE WATER KINGDOMS. I a m writing about kings of the water anyone who has this spirit must not think he is cursed but know that he or she is called for Kingship and must consider themselves fortunate though to most people it ends up being a curse to have this spirit. It’s true that this spirit can make your life hell if you are disobedient and refuse to accept the calling. Some of those with such spirit have been to different churches trying to silence or convert this spirit into working in church but they have failed and it is impossible to convert this spirit. I feel pity for those who have Inzuza because even though this is a great spirit but it is very difficult to find a right place for initiation when you have this spirit. I have met a lot of people with Inzuza and a number of them are suffering and very confused of what they should, whilst in their confusion things are not going well. It is for that reason my spirit has prompted me to write about this spirit as to be able to help those who are suffering and try to give them direction. To those who are also having the same problem must not hesitate to contact me for guidance and I will try to guide them the best I can. I have met several with such spirit and indeed a lot are suffering, life is difficult for them, they lack proper guidance and even getting the right impande is difficult. This is one of the mostly misunderstood spirits by Bangoma as a results those who have this spirit, to most of them it has turned into a curse to them, some even wish they were not born because of the suffering they are going through.
Just like all the spirit for bungoma and bunyanga, Inzuza has its own people, nationality, language and impande. There are people of Inzuza who have their language and have their own place. Some of those people have mixed with us and have become part of us after all one is born with the spirit. Some people are calling Inzuza Umndawe wasemantini though Inzuza is different from Umndawe yet they can work together very well. Inzuza has its own Impande even a separate ligobongo, separate lihlambo, separate sifutfo just as Umndawe has its own different from the ones for Inzuza. Impande for Inzuza is found in rivers and in the sea its some of those trees that are able to grow in the water and lidzaka is also very important can be included when making libhudlo Lenzuza. Unfortunately most people are eating a wrong libhudlo for Inzuza because there are not many people who knows the right impande for Inzuza thus making Inzuza angry and causing many problems for themselves. The people of Inzuza are people who stay under water and live there though some have integrated among us, thus causing their spirit to be among us. They are not tall they are almost like Abatwa but darker than Abatwa. One of my Great Grandfather in the mother side took one of them as his wife. Fortunately I have once seen those people and heard them speaking about their life under the water. Normally the snake lives on top in the water and the people live under ground in a dry land. If someone has to go for initiation under water those people are the ones who does the initiation. Injeti and palu is normally required to those who have Inzuza . The unfortunate part about Inzuza is that it is very rare that it will show you a place for initiation because those with Inzuza are supposed to go for initiation under water and be initiated by the people of Inzuza. The only place it will show you will be the river or take you there for initiation. This is a high calling for Ubungoma if you have this spirit your life will never be the same and you won’t live normally like everyone.
When you have Inzuza you will feel like running or going without knowing where you are going to. During the night it happens more and as if someone is calling you if you are sleeping your body will normally feel very cold on one side or as if someone cold is sleeping next to you. Constant headaches which are not curable by any western doctor but by only the specific herbs will be a normal thing. Dreaming walking in the wilderness, rivers, seas and big snakes will be a normal thing to happen if you have this spirit. Some people with Inzuza end up taken by Inzuza under water for initiation and unfortunately because our relatives are ignorant of the rituals that are supposed to be done when one is taken by Inzuza once you are taken you will die or never come back end up living with people of Inzuza. Our elders have completely forsaken our culture and most of them are ignorant, when one is taken by Inzuza they are also ignorant of what is supposed to be done thus leading to being taken never to come back or to die. If one has Inzuza one needs to go for Kufemba and then be directed to the right Gobela who knows all the right rituals associated with those who have Inzuza. So many Bogobela will claim they know Inzuza yet they don’t know but once you are with them and they see how powerful your spirit they become jealous wish to take your spirit (Basitsebule) or block your spirit. Those with Inzuza normally go to ephehlweni and come back the same or even suffering worse than before they went ephehlweni. Unfortunately most of Bogobela because of hunger will claim they know this spirit and their actions causes more problems for Litfwasa leading to the Inzuza spirit getting angry. Nothing will go right in your life if u have Inzuza till you accept the calling and go to a right Liphehlo for initiation. One with such spirit will struggle to have a stable relationship or even a stable job basically they can lose everything. When you have this spirit you will definitely have to go for kutfwasa otherwise you might end up dying or losing your mind.
But having Inzuza is not a curse after all, but it’s a blessing and an inheritance from your ancestors .What becomes a problem is being initiated wrong without the proper impande and Gobela being ignorant about how Inzuza works. Inzuza can look after you very well and you will lack nothing after you have been initiated. If you have Inzuza and you find a right place for initiation you will never be poor. Those I know who have Inzuza having been initiated well are also living very well without working for anyone. Inzuza is royalty so you are given an inheritance to live well as long you are initiated correctly. Those Bogobela who knows the spirit will use certain muti which will connect you well with Inzuza so that you wont be taken when you go to the water .There is a time when they will fetch your Inzuza from the river to be joined with you. We must remember that even if a person has been taken for initiation under the water by the people of Inzuza, even after initiation  you will still need a Gobela to help you for your journey (INYANGA AYITELAPHI) I know we have so many people who claim they can initiate themselves and I don’t know how they do that because INYANGA AYITELAPHI. Your spirit might reveal things to you but you will still need guidance. Because even Ephehlweni the Gobela will also be guided by your spirit on how the initiation must carry on its not supposed to be one size fits all. SIYINDUNA MAPOPO RAMPANE…NGIYANI THOKOZISA BOGOGO NA BOMKHULU NGITSI KINI NDAUWE SHEWE.
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