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It Can Be Seen As s Cherry On Top

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Was it initially created to form a trend, religion, uniform or maybe to protect. A lot of things have been practiced or followed by human beings. Some of the practices are strange, unquestionable, weird, complicated and unexplainable

Well we all know that we are different and obviously different aspects influence individuals in a unique manner. The are many theories and beliefs from the past and unfortunately most of them are being ignored and dismissed, for reason that they don’t accommodate today’s lifestyle and the society cannot relate with such.

consciousness consciousness consciousness

Going down memory lane I am sure one can recall the traditions that are still practiced by other cultures in our country today eg. “a man should not wear a hat in the house as it’s disrespectful ”. In some religions women are forced to wear hats or turbans to cover their faces as sign offaithfulness to their husbands or a manner of showing respect. I know in other places especially “rural areas” it is still a custom to cover your head as a woman when you enter the graveyard.

It is funny how clothes, material objects, man-made products can have so many meanings, reasons and history behind its creation. If it is only now in this 21’st century that the word fashion comes alive, I believe things have really taken a twist or evolution is taking place and it’s extremely exciting.

consciousness consciousness

Hats are now being worn to look fabulous, to match your outfit, to represent a theme like your Durban July, tea party’s and even beach party’s. A hat can be seen as an accessory that can complete an outfit. Hats were more popular in summer but at this day and age don’t get it wrong, a hat is a must wear for winter.

Since people are getting more and more creative, hats are also becoming more and more stylish and wearable. They come in shapes and styles to accentuate different heads and personalities. Some people wear them as uniforms, to shy away from the public, to protect the skin but for whatever reason that you wear it for, i say it’s a rule for each and every individual to own a fashionable stylish hat that can compliment you outfit. “A cherry on top is never a bad idea at all. IT’S A LIFESTYLE!

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