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It Carries My Whole Being!

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It is so unfortunate that some of us carry our baggage within ourselves. Our bodies are oversized or even heavy for the one reason that we don’t download what’s within – you probably thinking about your issues. It is now ringing in your head that there is something you have to take out, something heavy in your mind, your soul or even your heart.


Take it out, speak it out. Express it or maybe stop contemplating it. Is better way of using your bag for the baggage that is subconsciously suppressing your well being. I believe that we sould use this man made product to carry baggage or should I say luggage for us, YES a bag. I’m going to give you ten reasons why a conscious human being should have a styllish creative bag.


1 – It is stylish and custom made so your are the only one who has it

2 – It is creatively and artistically done so your creative side is respected

3 – it is attractive so all eyes will be on you

4 – it carries your luggage

5 – You don’t have to keep your baggage within yourself, put it in the bag

6 – Convinient for travelling. Your hands can’t carry everything you need.

7 – Your jean pockets will last long will last long if you put your neccesities in your bag

8 – Your luggage is lways safe and sealed

9 – Causes less polution, replaces the plastic bag

10 – A consciouslifestyle demands you to carry a bag for important things like your notebook, camera, stationery etc.

it’s a lifestyle

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