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It Is About Time Our Neighbours Wake Up And Make That Important Call

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The Media has done enough about the issue concerning the political crisis in Zimbabwe and it has reached a point where our brothers and sisters called it a quits. Firstly one has to start with our own hidden skeletons, South Africa to be where it is today, it is because warriors like Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Steve Biko, Walter Sisulu, and of course the young veteran, Comrade Hector Peterson and Tsietsi Mashinini took it to the streets of Azania by then to demonstrate their dissatisfaction of the then political regime, which has succumbed our economic freedom. Many lives have been lost because of the prior 1994 political struggle, and the above mentioned endless list fought day and night to put this country on the map and to where it is today.

Now what is happening in Zimbabwe currently has reached a stage wherein it can not be acceptable anymore. The writer wishes to acknowledge and appreciate the struggle that the honorable Mr. Mugabe has engaged himself in, to liberate his people from the Order of British Empire, and for that reason alone, that country will always be put in the good books of defeating such political struggle. However, one wishes to debate the fact that, throughout this time, there have been changes, innovations and developments which came forth to further the interests of Zimbabwe to be put in the good books. Given that sentiment and further the period which that country gained its independence, the questionable fact is that, what is one thing good that so far he has done for his people. Let us learn to face the reality in this regard; the current political turmoil in that country is based on the fact that the opposition party is a European puppet, which is being used by Britain to gain access into their own country and to disown them of their own mineral resources. Like I said in the body of this article, “let us learn to face the reality, and I’ll repeat my statement stils, let’s learn……………..” I would like to arguably put it on record that, Europe is one of the richest continents world wide and it will take either, Asia, Middle East and of course or own lovely Africa 100 years to compete with this continent economically.

You look at the manner in which South Africa has co-operated with Europe to overthrow or take back governance, some deals were reached to say, European investors will remain in this country to address issues of Poverty, Unemployment and the rest of economic factors, and the reason for that being to better the living of the people of this country. Of course the writer knows very well that there is a huge excess of platinum in Zimbabwe which the British governance seeks, and the reason for that, is to do the same investments that is taking place in South Africa for example and the rest of other AFRICAN countries. Then what makes it difficult for brother Zimbabwe to do the same for the sake of its own people. Recently at the African Union congress in Egypt, the spokesperson of the president of Zimbabwe raised a concern to say, they will only negotiate with the opposition party under a condition that, European Union distance itself from the

politics of Zimbabwe. But I will like to strongly disagree with the Comrade in question here on the basis that, if that is the case, why is ZANU-PF then refusing to enter into a Government of National Unity with the rumored victorious MDC during the March elections. Is it because the MDC leader is a European puppet like Zanu have alleged? I doubt if that is the case.

I would like to challenge our fellow African brother to face reality in this situation! The fact is, the gentleman is old and personally powerful economic wise, a veteran who will be celebrated throughout his life span, , but if Comrade Mugabe is purely sure of his cleanness, why can’t he accept the fact that he has done enough for his country and step down. Zanu-PF is still in power, that literally means that, he is either giving an opportunity to his own deputy or any candidate that will be elected by the cabinet of the same Zanu-PF to lead that country with integrity, honesty and with respect. Because I tell you, what is currently happening is Zimbabwe is a clear exploitation of innocent citizens, who on a day to day basis become more vulnerable given the autocracy of the leadership of Mugabe.

Because if the Comrade is honest and respectful enough to his own people, the assassinations and torture of Zimbabweans people could not be reported given the integrity of his leadership, let alone the influx of asylum seekers to the neighboring countries, and for only one reason, “ECONOMIC CRISIS”. Several excuses were raised given the crisis in that country, the issues of border demarcations or the so called Bantustans, these issues are not only Zimbabwean crisis, this is a global issue, and it will take millions of decade to address. Practical example can be given about what happened in Botswana, the president of Botswana stepped down, gave the leadership to his immediate successor, there was no political crisis, no torture and no assassinations, lastly and most importantly, no economic crisis, the economy of Botswana is still sustainable. Lastly, if Mugabe is saying that, MDC which is planning to channel its leadership style on economic boasting of that country is an American puppet? Does he imply that all the countries in Africa who are having European investors in the own territories to sustain their economy are also European puppets? Mugabe must just go down, give the leadership role to the next available candidate, International Criminal Court and face the music.

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