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Martinique your name gives my tongue some click,

Out of all in the world it’s you that I’d pick.

Your walk, your smile, your hugs, your laugh,

Your hair, your body is more than enough.

Am I worthy of all that I say so right?

Can I go on? If you allow me I might!

So splendid, your beauty is so undefined,

If you following me, then love we will find.

If mountains you climbing, I’m climbing it with you

If oceans you swimming, I’m doing that too

NEVER fear, my hand is your weapon,

For you I’m taking bullets like I’m your protection.

When you need love making, I’m your satisfaction,

When moments are breath taking, it’s for you that I’m breathing!

Call it love! Call it lust! But it’s so addictive when picturing us,

Come overdose baby, I’m an ecstasy pill,

If it’s not what you want, than back down I will

– End –


When my world has fallen

Remember the sound that travelled every ear

The warm embrace of every winter’s year

Every drop that fell from the eyes of vision

And every thought that manifested in the mind of illusion

When my world has fallen…Remember this…

I was not ignorant to the world of stupidity

I was subtle to success, to embark on opportunity

So many think that my life is a breeze

But it a high tide zone, that I handle with ease

I live life high, I’m above all feet

Bury me in the sky, so the world can see

A soldier at birth, to a general’s death

One last minute, one last breath

One last step, if it all I got left…

Let me…step to my girl and give her my best

Let me…hear mama’s heart beat pump through her chest

Let me…for one last time, trade with my enemies

Hate to love, for this wish is within me…

– End –

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