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by Keitu Reid (@keitureid on twitter)

Universal Victim

I am the universal victim searching for that manmade dream of happiness.

When I sleep the Gods say they are all a possibility.

When I wake  – it’s not true – so its cruelty.

I am living a life where people are playing with my sanity.

Pulling at it like strings of an impotent puppet.

Where friends turn into foe.

And test what patience lies in you.

Waiting for an outburst.

That livens their mediocre existence.

I smile.

An irritable smile.

What happiness is there in a manmade dream?

I am the universal victim searching for vicinity away from these fools.

Or am I the fool.

To stand for this nonsense.

I burn up some incense.

Give me calm so I can reflect on my presence.

This pathetic excuse for living.

Cause I too play with my sanity.

A puppeteer pulling the threads.

In a search for happiness.

Could it conceivably be that I am the fool of fools?

Who still thinks that if I in trueness wait;

I will find it?

But where though?

Give me a clue and I will start to look.

I am serious I swear – feels like I am running out of time.

If it is something I should read then give me the book.

If joy is a song I must sing – give me the notes.

If it is in something I should eat – feed me please.

Where is it?

I am desperate.

Without it I am hopeless.

Is it in a drink – I will suck up every drop.

Is it underground – I will dig until my fingers bleed.


Cause there is a hole rooted deep down inside of me.

So big it feels like a volcanic crater.

I wonder each time – like how can this be?

With my blood scorching like hot magma.

Ready to explode into fireworks displaying my fury and disappoint

for not reaching this manmade dream of happiness.

I feel so sad.

I feel so had.

All this is craziness.

I feel so helpless.

So in distress.

I feel like screaming.

Cause all this dreaming

has left me squealing.

It’s led me to a monkey trail

where you search endlessly.

For what ?

A manmade dream of happiness?


– End –

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