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Mashabela KN. Author of two books:Mirror of History & Road to Right, Mashabela is authorprenour and educator.

Kgalagadishe Nicholas Mashabela – Poetry feature

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BORN ON 07-04-1983 IN LETHOLE, MOHLALETSI, GA-SEKHUKHUNE: KGALAGADISHE NICHOLAS MASHABELA IS THE AUTHOR OF THE HISTORY BOOK “MIRROR OF HISTORY” AND A FICTION BOOK KNOWN TO MANY PEOPLE AS “ROAD TO LIGHT”. MASHABELA IS ALSO AN AUTHOR ENTREPRENEUR AND EDUCATOR. MD of DESHABA MEDIA, a company that utilizes modern trends in the publication industry to make publication a fashion. Deshaba Media’s aim is to attract good authors and publish books that achieve commercial success. As a young company, DeShaba Media is therefore a good company for young authors to grow in and grow with. DeShaba Media has published five books (“MIRROR OF HISTORY”,”eKu velekiweni ka Hlupheka”, “Poetry Pantry” “His life’s journey” and “Road to Right.



We think it’s normal, but it is not
We do it without share or shame, but it’s not fair or fame at all
We do it at night, but it wakes up in the morning
We do it in-camera, but it comes out in the open
We think no one sees us, but the world is looking
We think we are smart, but we are actually outsmarted and stupid
Corruption is a disease, which affects all people
We are all infected and affected by it
It is a known-secret that most of us paid or will pay bribes to traffic officials
Some think they are less corrupt,
But, reality says we are all corrupt
Corruption is the devil of today
He has no heart at all
He takes without giving
In the open he depict himself as good and Godly
In the dark he becomes a sinner and blood-drinker
His name is Corruption because he is cruel
By Mashabela KN

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