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my corner has been invaded by…maybe im  a paranoid  22year old writer of poetry,a singer and lover of all that is weird and artistic.a very calm soul with a stupid sense of currently putting together a collection called “the eulogy of a benchwarmer “.

i am a finance and accounting student at the Tshwane university of technology with a certificate in public management.cant wait to be all that i strive to be.hope u can appreciate my art. ABROWNEBULA DA SONGBIRD(FACEBOOK)


when they bear witness to such they will agree
a dull,monotonous damsel with no identity but that of her spirit
no hair done up..drama in the WINTER
no pressure to chase the cool when those of my kind are hybernating in the open
he takes so little of our time n energy
around this tym when our focus is channeld onto no less insignificant bt yet time consuming daily routines
becoming the norm only because it alone we are not
it alone i am not…

today is the start of her ideal season
more so for she anticipates the fresh inception of a kindred one thats absolutely pleasing
the birth of the biological father
all the more reason this remains a celebratory time
ok i accept!…colour me all shades SPRING!
all the colours collide,create a human kaleidoscope
the season marking the orbit of the biological father
all the mo reason to curse n be PISSD OFF N THROW STONES TO ITS ARRIVAL!
bt it alone i am not…

introduction to the calvin and hobbes would have enlightened a brownebu-lander
wandering the earth in her space cab-like the hymphatic thabs
my season to camouflage?neva have been able to achieve fully!
no black on white frames
no dungeon rebels streaming the side walks
no mutant “u-cant-see-me” maskd eyes
even in a crowd of similies n clones of one
a hello-goodbye SUMMER
the sun will sonn take its paid leave
working wen it feels lyk it
it alone i am not…

hello…as if i will have arrived…autum i am.
the roman god “mars”marks the inception of i they claim
but like the earthlings say…its wateva!
daffodils!a pleasant read back in the schools
but of the realities of life …taught no more than a fool
goodbye -hello”u cant-see-me” even in a crowd of clones n similies
toning down as i prepare for a silent black on white picturing
..picture me!

*4seasons in repetition,love/hate…life death…black on white n kaleidoscopic frames n all else in between you will experience
break us donw only to build us up to shape.
if i am only the good in me..who takes responsibilitiy for the foul in i?

i am neither one in separation but all for collective natural divisions
… i am 4 seasons!

– End –

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