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She is my angelic Goddess

In the beginning
Of my heart’s universe
There was a lady
Whom is termed
My angelic goddess,
This was an ethereal
Womb of magic
And birth place
Of laughter and love
Her subject hailed her
As the source of my life
Shepherd of my universe
And guardian of my heart
In my universe
She learned how
To inscribe amulets
With words of power
She mastered how
To draw magic
Fairy-tales of love
With magic wand
Of ecstasy and divinity
She learned how
To treasure onix
By engraving her
Feelings on me
And perfect images
On the smooth faced stones
In my universe
She cast her eye
Through days and seasons
Still to come
To mark times of
Good and remarkable
Memories spent with me
It is easy for her
To slip inside my
Soul and read
The messages encoded
Within my dreams
She had buried
In my flesh
An over powering
Sparkle of love
Bond of togetherness
Kindred spirit
And unremitting longing
In her angelic Goddess
I learn her
Innermost hidden grace
The word behind all words
It is the essence
Of her spirit
And her godhead
The key that unlocks
Her power of beauty
Every time I come
Close to her
She breathes
And pronounced
The sweet and
Sacred syllables
For one moment
When she touches me
A silence as deep
As deathfell
Upon creation
The files of
My universe
Stops humming
And hang motionless
In the air
Her magnetism
Has changed
The order of
My universe

– End –

Joburg Night girls

I walked on
And on I walked
Past the streets
Which crosses and parallels
But on Rissik and Pritchad streets
From the nights’ lights
I saw city’s tourist attraction
Where girls with thirsty eyes
Go by on the errand
Each man attracts.

They are the bulbs of the city
Competing with the streetlights
From twenty stories up
Windows of the city’s building
Look out over them
When the apartments are in dark

Their bulbs draw men blind
And slides their wealth between clouds
From their pockets

More and more flock of men
Line along the streets
And remain there until their pockets are milked.

Mating and sleeping
And squinting at the strange clients
Are the Joburg Night girls,
Who instruct men to venture up one night
And be alone next morning or meet someone.

After the odd times of orgy are shared to them
All they want is to escape arguments
Or to connect with cosmos
By crossing streets and hailing cabs.

– End –

Joburg Night girls

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