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LIVE! - He's a Citizen In The Bush, going there and there, doing this and that, and for some odd reason; it's what he does for a living.

Khomotso Ntuli

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LIVE! – I m KhomotsO/De-mI and I Live. if U no me, ther aint a nid 4 tis, if U dnt, we’l mit 1 tym.

They are carrying us - Khomotso Ntuli

They are carrying us – Khomotso Ntuli

They are carrying us


Who are these beings?

of such importance in

the creation process who are they?

Carrying perfectly balanced handmade weights

On their heads lies layered, who… are they?


These beings resembling steel in their strength

Stealing from themselves to provide, for anyone

Stale bread carried with a heavy heart

Right in the hot seat they never move an inch from their task,

and it’s only fair to ask who they are.


Balanced on their heads are the

heavy weights of justice

the very building blocks of these empires

on the same head, carrying the life giving water

to the very door of our compounds,

to the mouths of our bodies


Pangs and pans sounding with the clap of their hands

with the stomp of their feet

with the move of each finger as they signal the direction of

our lives


Given names, made lame from their given tasks

is their role acknowledged in the negation of these famines?

their feminine instinct appreciated?


She sang a song that made it clear from the sound of her voice

that these fragile heads are carrying the world

they are balancing our heads.

they lead our way into the world and

guide our path through the bush.


By: Khomotso Ntuli

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