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Knowledge of our Ancestors

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WE think we are wiser than our ANCESTORS because of Western education. Our ancestors were not illiterate as we perceive them indeed they were not educated in the western education that is without knowledge, but they had knowledge. Knowledge is far better than education in fact education was the product of knowledge those who have knowledge will then educate the illiterate. Some of the things that are taught from University are from people who have never been to university. Education normally to program people to think in a particular way and encourages those with it to think in a certain box. I have never seen anyone becoming wise out of education as it was not meant to make anyone wise but to produce sheep mentality. Being able to speak English does not make you better than you parents, English is not a measure of intelligence and knowledge. Branches of a tree will never be better than the stem and the stem will never be better than the roots. The leaves look greener than the stem and the roots yet life is from the stem and in the roots. We are like leaves and we think because we have been exposed to European education we are now better that our parents.
There is nothing that I can do to be better than my parents. We have neglected true knowledge from our parents in favour of European education. For example before one would become pregnant there are some herbs (timbita) to drink to prepare the womb for carrying a baby such herbs were making the womb strong to conceive the baby well and avoiding things like miscarriage. Once the woman has conceived in the first trimester there were also herbs (tihlambeso/timbita) that were given to her specifically for the first trimester. In each trimester there were specific herbs(timbita /tihlambeso) for that particular trimester these were for the baby to grow well and reduce chances of the child born disabled till she gave birth. Such herbs were also for making her to give birth very easy without complications. Even when the woman is about to give birth there were specific ones that will make her to give birth easy and also reduce labour pains.
Our grandmothers were gynaecologists who were working far better than the European gynaecologist. Complications during birth was minimal because of all the expertise they used to have. There was no need for giving birth through scissors everything was happening natural. My grandmother was also one of the best gynaecologists in the world as she was able to even change the gender of the next child if she wanted you to have a boy or a girl that was very simple to her. Tell me of any western gynaecologist who can be able to do such. Should we have kept such knowledge we were going to be selling it throughout the world. Other nations are getting rich selling us knowledge from their ancestors and most of them they have inferior knowledge compared to what we have. But we easily throw away what is ours looking down at our ancestors claiming we are evolving.
At my home the number of boys and girls is the same because my grandmother was able to control the gender in fact she was god. But we have forsaken that knowledge in favour of the western systems thinking our parents were illiterate and we are educated. Miscarriage was also minimal because of the herbs (timbita) that were given to the woman before and during pregnancy. Even today these herbs are still available and things like miscarriage, giving birth by scissors, fibroids can easily be healed without anyone having to be operated. The Europeans are not able to heal miscarriage but to our forefathers that is nothing, it can be healed easily. A woman with fibroids even the big one that makes the stomach big as if one is pregnant was healed simply by using special herbs (timbita) without going for operation. And that is the knowledge from our forefathers in which this generation rejects without trying it. Today our women have big tummies (umkhaba) and such was not there in our grandmothers among my grandmothers, mothers and sisters there is no one who has Umkhaba (big tummies) because of such herbs .But this generation has undermined the ancestors and think they know better today they have Umkhaba (big tummies) .There are herbs which can operate a person without using a scissor I am the witness to that, African were using such herbs instead of cutting a person and that is and was wisdom far better than that of Europeans.
Our women these days a troubled by periods pains (silumo) and European doctors are not able to heal them they only give them pain killers which normally don’t work, instead of removing the pain completely. We do have herbs that were known by our forefathers, which were and are still very good to completely heal period pains (silumo) but our ladies will continue to suffer because they despised those herbs as they were taught that everything from their forefathers is evil. Herbs are for healing of the nations but pills cannot heal but drug a disease so that you can be able to live with the diseases that’s why sometimes you need to drink them every day so that the disease will stay drunk without troubling you, after all they are also called drugs. Herbs (timbita) do not drug the disease but they remove it completely from your body.
Our ladies are suffering because of lack of knowledge some have even experienced over 5 miscarriages yet they still trust western doctors over our doctors. We do have best gynaecologist in Africa and some are still alive even today yet they are not recognized they can easily heal miscarriage, bridge, fibroids, period pains, uterus pains and all complications that comes with giving birth by using herbs(timbita) without any need for operations. We are suffering because of lack of knowledge and we have rejected knowledge from our forefathers.
Once the child is born within 3 months the child will be fortified against everything this process will include (Kuya enyonini) Different herbs will be used to fortified the child unfortunately some of the things done have no English words(Uyachatha, uyachatseka, anatse timbita, agatwe, agcabe, entiwe mankatjane, alaphelwe libala, abhunyiselwe) for the child to be protected physical, mental and spiritual. This process will deal with all the 3 areas of protection which is physical, mental and spiritual as well as giving the identity of the child.
Obviously those days children were not given foreign names every family used to have certain names of that family those names were linking the child to his or her guardian angel (lidloti lakhe). African Spirituality believes in reincarnation when a child is born they will consult and find out who has reincarnated in the family and give the name of that one. This was to also make sure that the child was rooted in the spiritually of the family. Inkaba was and is very important it was buried somewhere at home with some few rituals done to always connect the child with the home. I still don’t believe that our children really need vaccinations there is something fishy with these so called vaccinations. We have our own way of protecting children from all sorts of diseases and were working well. But when the Europeans came they blacklisted everything as evil and we believed them and follow them.
We are suffering at their hands and we are helpless because we always look to them for our problems. Every family used to have certain animals (tinyamatane) for the child to inhale (abhunyiselwe) during fortification of the child. Some children if they have not inhaled (atiphelelanga/tiyashoda) such can go mad or even end up doing things that are very cruel, end up being drunkards, criminals, drug addicts, some can even die before even reaching 7 months. We normally use the animal skins for inhaling (kubabhunyisela). These days there are very few children who have undergone such process and when they end up doing havoc we blame them as a lost generation yet we are the ones who were lost first and have no knowledge of ourselves. It is very important to give a child the right surname so that they will get right animals (tinyamatane) to inhale (babhunyiselwe) and also be introduced to right ancestors after birth. Remember that raising a child needs both the mother and the father its impossible for one to be both. A child needs to be raised spirituality, mentally and physically , normally those children who are raised by one parent are raised only physical  – the mental and spiritual section is neglected. Lets preserve the knowledge of our forefathers because we will need it. Siyinduna Mapopo Rampane.
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