Kwaanza Celebration 2014

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Kwanzaa 2014

Kwanzaa 2014

Ebukhosini Solutions, Art on Wax Concepts, Kahawa Club, E.P.C. and partners have the great honour of cordially inviting all members of the AFRIKAN FAMILY to participate in the UMOJA OPENING CEREMONY for the 13th Annual KWANZAA CELEBRATIO2014 :   UMOJA OPENING CEREMONY Friday 26 December, 12:00 Theme: SUPPORTING OUR OWN   KWANZAA is a Pan-Afrikan cultural celebration based on traditional harvest festivals from all over Afrika. See more information further down.   Date: Friday 26 December 2014 Time: 12:00 (noon) Venue: E.P.C. (Educational Programmes Centre) Address: Corner 1st Street/Tucker Street (just down from Jules Street) Area: Malvern (close to Denver and Kensington), Johannesburg Map:     Main Program: The program is for the whole family and includes opening ceremony, music, inspirational messages, performance by Kwanzaa Children/Youth and celebration for everybody! After the main program there will be poetry and musical performances, with Open Mic. Children’s program: Afrikan Play-Skool will run a separate program for children (5-12 years) from 12.00 Youth Program: The Nubian Youth Club will run a separate program for youth (13-18 years) from 12.00  Food: Food and drinks will be sold at an affordable price Afrikan Market: There will be a Kwanzaa Market where you can buy books, jewelry, fabrics, incense etc. If you want to have a stall for your products, you MUST pre-book your stall (contact Thabo Raborife on 081 758 3650, Dress code: Afrikan traditional, royal wear —– CONTACT DETAILS For more information, call or SMS Mr Siyabonga Lerumo on 074 690 4012 or send an email to WEB UPDATES Follow updates about all KWANZAA 2014 activities on and the Facebook Group KWANZAA South Afrika:   KWANZAAA CALENDAR, December 2014

  • Sunday 14th December, 1pm: Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration. Storytellers of Fashionkynd invites to an introductory First Fruits party with dancers, live performances, drumming, discussion and a tasty banquet table (bring a dish or contribute R50) at Kahawa Club (Main/Martisburg Str, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg). See
  • Friday 26th December, 12.00 (noon): Umoja Opening Ceremony at Educational Programmes Centre, crnr 1st Street/Tucker Street, Malvern. See
  • Sunday 28th December, 12.00 (noon): Hip-Hop & Poetry Event at Emkathini Section (next to Multipurpose Centre) in Tembisa. See
  • Monday 29th December, 12.00 (noon): Economy Seminar on “Resolving Hidden Hunger Through Cooperative Economics” at GreenHouse Project, Joubert Park in Johannesburg CBD. See
  • Tuesday 30th December, 12.00 (noon): A solution-oriented Women’s and Men’s Dialogue on how Sisters and Brothers can support each other, at eBukhosini Solutions, Belgravia, Johannesburg. See
  • Wednesday 31st December, 18:00: An Afrikan New Years Eve, with family-fun, braai stands, performances, music and reflections, at Sanele’s Family Home, Roodepoort West. See
  • Thursday 1st January 2015, 12.00 (noon): A dignified Closing Ceremony taking place on the Black-owned farm of the Kgoroeadira Family in Rustenburg. See

———–  ABOUT THE THEME The KWANZAA theme for this year is “Supporting Our Own”, a statement calling for all Afrikans to critically engage with the question “Who are we supporting”, and find answers that are relevant, solution-oriented and liberating. United we stand, divided we fall. ABOUT KWANZAA KWANZAA is a Pan-Afrikan cultural celebration based on traditional harvest festivals observed throughout the continent for thousands of years. Some examples of these: Umkhosi, Incwala, Nc’wala and Dikgafela in Southern Afrika, Yam-festivals in West-Afrika, Kundun and Gyenprem in Ghana, Iri-Iji and Onwosato in Nigeria and Nguon in Cameroon. KWANZAA is a synthesis of these celebrations and presents a call for unity amongst Afrikan people. During KWANZAA, the Afrikan community come together to celebrate their achievements and victories, and make plans for the work ahead. It involves the whole family and brings together all Black people across language, nationality, religion and political affiliation. KWANZAA 2014 is coordinated by eBukhosini Solutions in cooperation with Art on Wax Concepts, Kahawa Club, E.P.C. and supportive community organizations. eBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS is a community based company offering consultation and services related to community development, youth empowerment, leadership training, social transformation, cultural events and Afrikan Centred education. See more info:

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