Kwanzaa Celebration 2012 – Re Claiming Our Identity

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Kwanzaa Celebration 2012 - Re Claiming Our Identity

Kwanzaa Celebration 2012 – Re Claiming Our Identity

Welcome to the 11th Annual celebration of KWANZAA – an Afrikan festivity in celebration of the Afrikan community and its achievements.

WHEN : Wednesday, 26 December 2012

WHERE : Yeoville Recreation Centre, Egoli (Johannesburg), Azania (South Afrika)

This year’s theme will be “Reclaiming our identity” and the grand opening ceremony will be hosted at the Yeoville Recreation Centre.

As a member of the Afrikan community who has contributed immensely to the awareness of culture, identity and history of Afrika. We will be honoured and delighted to receive you as a guest on this prominent day.


KWANZAA is an Afrikan holiday based on the various “First Fruits Festivals” observed around the Afrikan continent, known by different names (ex. “Odwira” among the Ashanti, “Eje” among the Yoruba, “Umkhosi” among amaZulu etc).

Based on careful studies, a team of Afrikan researchers, led by Dr Maulana Karenga, introduced Kwanzaa in 1966 as a Pan-Afrikan celebration for the unification of all Afrikan/Black people – regardless of faith, nationality, ideology, language and birthplace.

Kwanzaa is observed 26 December to 1 January and its’ foundation is expressed through seven principles, the “Nguzo Saba” (faith, self determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith).

Ebukhosini Solutions ( has coordinated Kwanzaa celebrations in South Afrika since 2002. Drawing from the regional traditional celebrations (known as Umkhosi, Incwala, Digafela, Loma, Thevuola, Ingcubhe, Go-loma Thotse etc), this holiday brings together the Afrikan/Black family to give thanks for achievements made and to prepare for future victories.

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