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To  all members of the AFRIKAN FAMILY,

Ebukhosini Solutions has the great honour of cordially inviting you to participate in the 10 Year’s Anniversary of:


Date: Monday 26 December 2011

Time: 12:00 (noon)

Venue: Yeoville Recreation Centre, Raleigh Str, Johannesburg

(see link for map/directions further down)

As this is the 10th consecutive annual Kwanzaa Celebration, it will be a festivity of sorts, bringing together different African nationalities of all age groups. We will be honoured to have you participating in this important festival which celebrates the achievements and aspirations of the African family and community. This year’s theme is “Shaping Afrika’s Destiny”.

Kwanzaa is an annual celebration observed all over Afrika as the “First Fruits Festival” (in Southern Afrika: Umkhosi, Dikgafela, Incwala etc). The Pan-African celebration brings together all Africans, regardless of nationality, language and religion.

Common table: Kwanzaa is a communal event; Everyone is expected to bring food (salads, dishes, bread, fruits, juice etc) for the common table to symbolise the Afrikan Harvest and in-gathering of crops and fruits. The food will later be served from The Common Table, for all to enjoy and share.

Program: The program that will follow on the day includes brief speeches, ceremonial proceedings, performances and music. There will be separate programs for children (5-12 years) and youth (13-18 years) where they will learn more about African history and culture. Later in the day there will be a Cultural Program where all artistic performers are given a chance to share inspiring and creative pieces. Also, the DJ will spin great music from around the continent.

Children’s program: Starting at 12.00, the Afrikan Play Skool for children (5 to 12 years) will have creative activities, storytelling, drumming and songs/music.

Youth program: From 12.00, young people (from 13 to 18) are invited to a program where there will be debates, exercises, songs and talks about young people’s role in shaping Afrika’s future.

Exhibition/stalls: There will be a Kwanzaa Market where you can buy books, fabrics, incense etc. If you want to exhibit, you MUST pre-book your stall, see contact details below.

African dress code: Kwanzaa is an African celebration, which means everyone is expected to dress up in their most royal Afrikan traditional wear.

Map/directions: Click on this link to see a map for directions to the venue Map for KWANZAA Venue 2011


Kwanzaa is an annual celebration observed all over Afrika as the “First Fruits Festival” (in Southern Afrika: Umkhosi, Dikgafela, Incwala etc). This is where the Afrikan community come together to celebrate their achievements and victories, and make plans for the work ahead. It involves the whole family and brings together Afrikans across language, nationality, religion and political affiliation.



Also, see our Facebook Event Page here:

We look forward to engaging with you on the 26th December! Bring the WHOLE family!

For information, please contact Pitsi Ragophala on 074 690 4012 or

On behalf of EBUKHOSINI SOLUTIONS’ Kwanzaa Coordinating Committee 2011


Baba Buntu
Director, Ebukhosini Solutions
Egoli, Azania (Johannesburg, South Afrika)

“[My only fear is]…the fear of failure, the fear of not having done enough”
(Thomas Sankara)

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