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Let’s do it for the youth, for our country, for Afrika

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Let's do it for the youth, for our country, for Afrika

Another year has come and gone, a new one awaits us. Trusting that it will be full of prosperity and everything else that you are anticipating.

Behold, I bring to you an entrepreneur that has hit the road running and in request for your push in the right direction. About to put South Africa on the World’s Green map once again. A humble confident fellow, inquisitive, enthusiastic and an innovative visionary – Totally persistent to achieving his set objectives. Converting problems into opportunities. This is what Young Money is made of!!!

True Story:

Once upon a time a young African man, at the tender age of 18 saw, a problem with a toilet cistern installed in his home, as done with the entire neighbourhood of his township, that was malfunctioning by default wasting over 190 liters of water per day (not leaking). He analysed other alternatives and saw a similar problem, however this was and is a bigger problem considering the number of houses in his township, neighbouring, city, province, country, continent.  Instead of complaining about it, he decided to use that time to cultivate a solution and so he did. He called the manufacturer of the toilet cistern to offer this solution to their problem. Initially they requested him to call again at a specified time, when he did, they could not discuss the matter, because they where moving offices. Needless to say, that was the last he heard of them.  As inquisitive as he was he started pondering the necessity to wash ones hands after using the toilet {the kind of necessity that goes beyond – “because there are germs here, there, everywhere”}. He encountered disgusting facts (pun intended – as a matter of fact the adverts on TV do not exaggerate enough), to that regard he decided to innovate upon his current water solution adding hygiene features. Features so good and convenient that they are eligible to prolong the lifespan of an HIV/AIDS infected individual.

To his surprise this solution of his was now an invention. If implemented in 1 million households, as done with the Solar Water Heater Project in Low Cost Hoses, it would save over 288 billion liters of water per annum (+/- 26% of Rand Water’s annual water supply). Given the nature of the solution and its intended recipients he started viewing his invention as ‘his gift to the nation’. He then tried approaching government departments, suspects and prospects, who tossed him from pillar to post. Until he was interviewed on a radio station, arranged by someone who had heard about this young man’s invention. After his interview, at the drop of the last digit of his contact details, he got a call. Shortly after that conversation he had 7 unread messages. Before he could read 1, he got another call. This continued for 2 weeks day and night until he had to change his sim card, due to lack of sleep. He got calls as far as Botswana asking 2 questions; ‘Where can I get it and When can I get it?’. And so his journey began!

Since 2007 he has accomplished the bellow:

  1. Patented the concept via Hahn & Hahn sponsorship
  2. Made a Demonstrator Model at the Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory) out of Perspex, sponsored by AMTS (Advanced Manufacturing Technology Strategy)
  3. Approved Grant by SPII (Support Programme for Industrial Innovation) to the value of R500000.00
  4. Acquired Rock Ridge as a Project Manager
  5. Received confirmation of commercialisation leverage by Sasol Chemcity
  6. Vaal sanitary ware keen to manufacture the product in bulk during commercialisation
  7. Tshwane Department of Human Settlement interested to order once product is ready
  8. One of 30 entities selected to join The Innovation Hub (TIH), Maxum Business Incubation among over 400 applications from all over Africa [ TIH is Africa’s most prominent Science Park; before then he was operating in a garage at home in Ga-Rankuwa, Pretoria]
  9. Developed a Virtual Demonstrator complementary to the tangible demonstrator
  10. Product Trademarking to be sponsored by Spoor & Fisher
  11. Developed an appealing Corporate Identity for his founded company [WHC] sponsored by Blue Apple Branding via TIH
  12. Received Endorsement from GEDA (Gauteng Economic Development Agency)
  13. Received Endorsement from Tshwane Smart City as a “Smart Solution” that will enhance South Africa towards a 1st World Country
  14. Received Endorsement from TIKZN (Trade & Investment Kwa-Zulu Natal)
  15. Won The Most Innovative Project award in the Environmental category at the Maker Faire Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, 2010.
  16. One of 4 selected Entrepreneurs of the year 2010 – University of Pretoria CE
  17. Represented South Africa at the EXPO 2010, Shanghai, China
  18. Represented South Africa at the Tshwane International Trade, Infrastructure & Investment Conference (TITIIC) 2010
  19. Interviewed on 2 International TV stations and 2 Radio Stations
  20. Royal Fields Finance keen to be their fund managers
  21. Steinhoble their Product Designer & Developer
  22. Bigen Africa joint venture partner through a subsidiary company
  23. Legacy Hotel & Resorts ready to order for their properties once product is ready
  24. Tshwane Health and Social Development ready to order for Tshwane clinics inter alia once product is ready


He is accepted as a Finalist of The Third Annual Unreasonable Institute! To give you an idea of what it means to be a Finalist, they reviewed 306 high impact entrepreneurs from 55 countries. Carefully examined his entrepreneurial experience, intimacy with the needs of his target market, the cohesiveness and caliber of his team and venture’s financial viability and scalability. They narrowed the field to 125 interview candidates. In the interview, he was tested for his ability to absorb and respond to criticism without being defensive, indicating his receptiveness to mentorship. They evaluated his integrity by examining if he openly admitted when he did not know the answer to a question. They considered his knowledge of the market by asking about his competition. And after 2 rounds of vetting, they selected him as one of the 50 Unreasonable Finalists! To attend the prestigious event in Boulder, Colorado, USA from June 13th to July 25th 2012.


For him to attend he has to be one of the first 25 Finalists to raise $10000 (+/- R80000) to cover his accommodation and event requirement expenditures. He is not allowed to pay for himself; this is the Unreasonable Institutes’s final test of the candidates’ entrepreneurial flair; challenging them to mobilize the support of hundreds of people around the world on The Finalist Marketplace. This is where you come in [ See YOUR INPUT bellow].

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) South Africa’s water consumption will exceed availability by 2025. As the 30th driest country and other semi-arid African countries, we are heading towards “water bankruptcy”  which means that food prices will sky-rocket in coming decades. Water scarcity is a silent and direct threat to our economic growth, perpetuated by our world’s highest HIV/AIDS infection rate and high unemployment.

His product will be eligible to save over 288 billion litres of water if installed in i.e. a million houses. IF a Liter of water is R0.0014  we would be saving R403,200,000.00 per annum. In terms of hygiene; it is proven to have qualities that prolong the lifespan of HIV/AIDS infected individuals whom are most often than not the beneficiaries of major sanitation projects, without Health & Hygiene education. In relation to Job creation; the installation phase alone can employ over 480 people whom will also be equipped via skills development.


Why does it matter that you act now now? Because if he is one of the first 25 Finalists to raise $10,000  he receives rigorous entrepreneurial skill training, mentorship from over 50 seasoned entrepreneurs and leaders, a chance to present to and build relationships with a host of potential investors, and untold support into the future from this network of people as he grows the business and his impact could improve the lives of millions of people. This is a deal, but a deal that is closing fast, because he only has 50 days [from 17 Jan 2012 to March 7]. He is a young ambassador for us all, his presence in the event is the presence of South Africa’s participation as a trend setter, not a follower (as per popular believe). He has created a Proudly South African product, for a common international social, economic and environmental problem, and just getting started… Your push in the right direction is our respectful request for a good foundation.


Lets Help him reach his goal of raising R40 000 (+/- $5000) by Tuesday [31-01-2012] by NOT DONATING, but informing 3 people that you know can contribute – AFTER READING THIS article.

Should they wish to contribute AND TO KNOW WHO HE IS let them log on to www.unreasonableinstitute.org and select WHC to contribute via credit card, should they prefer to contribute cash they can contact paseka@consciousness.co.za who will facilitate the process.

Your time and attention to this matter is highly appreciated. Thanking you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.


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Let's do it for the youth, for our country, for Afrika, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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