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Lidvumane is one of the most important rocks for Emadloti, which has been replaced by Libovu most of the time. In the coming generations when we talk of Lidvumane they will think we are referring to Libovu as it seems Lidvumane is being used as another word for Libovu. The two are not the same, they look similar – both come as soil, but Lidvumane comes as a brittle rock that can be easily crushed into powder. Lidvumane was the one used to make Siyendle when you enter Ephehlweni, but nowadays they use Libovu maybe due to the fact that Lidvumane is scarce. Some have been in the calling for years but still don’t know the difference. We need to revive all the things that we are slowly losing, I will write about several of them to help try keep the calling authentic to its origins.
Lidvumane comes as a rock and its maroon in colour whiles Libovu is red like the meaning of it’s name. One has to crush the rock that has glittering godlike particles. In areas where there is Lidvumane; iron and gold are normally found. It is also found in mountains, rivers, and dams where Inzuza stays. Inzuza is connected to Lidvumane and people with Inzuza will have a desire to eat soil and Lidvumane taste very good for them. Those who have Inzuza apply Lidvumane on their head (esikhaleni) to ease those terrible headaches. In my previous writing about Inzuza I mentioned that one of the signs that one has Inzuza is a terrible headache and those who have such headache can try use Lidvumane on their head to ease the headache. But sometimes you will also need Sibhemo Semadloti to fully manage the headache. Lidvumane can be used for other sicknesses including Impindamshaye. Siyendle was made out of Lidvumane so that it will be on your head to please the spirit of Umndawe and Inzuza in particular.
The challenge now is that most people especially those who are new to the calling cannot separate Libovu and Lidvumane resulting in them being givien Libovu. Libovu has big role ebungomeni but on this article I wanted to focus on Lidvumane. It is strongly advisable to apply Lidvumane on your head when using Impande yemadloti like Ligobongo, Lihlambo, Sifutfo etc. The unfortunate thing is that some of that muti is only eaten during initiation by initiates, and not after eventhough it’s food for the spirit that dwells in them. I have written before about the importance of Ligobongo, even after you have completed Ephehlweni. Ligobongo can even be eaten by someone who is not an initiate, or someone who is about to be initiated to feed their spirit. Other things that are important for those who have Emadloti which I will write about is Lihlambo, there is Lihlambo lemndawe, Nzuza and Mnguni , Sifutfo semndawe, Nzuza and Mnguni. Those who use such before they enter Ephehlweni normally take a short time Ephehlweni because by the time they enter their spirit is already matured and they normally have very clear and directive dreams.
Sometimes when lidloti has started causing troubles in your life, eating Ligobongo can help minimize the troubles as it pleases the spirit. But the problem is that when the spirit is calm some relax and forget about going Ephehlweni. The five essentials for one who is troubled by lidloti its Lidvumane, Sibhemo, Lihlambo, Ligobongo, and Sifutfo. I will also write in detail about the importance of all these items, especially Sifutfo to those whom lidloti is very high and demanding. It’s very important for people to respond to their calling as soon as Lidloti is matured for Kutfwasa to avoid the havoc. Some people wait until they lose everything then they respond and by that time they can’t even afford money for consultation. SIYATHOKOZA BoGoGo nani Makhehla Siyinduna Mapopo Rampane…NDAUWE SHEWE
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