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Lifestyle Series Makeover 2

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Lifestyle Series Makeover 2

A healthy heart, soul and body

The MIND is a battleground.  Faith or fear, confidence or insecurity, creativity or insanity all arise from this part of our DNA. The mind is made up of a matrix of interconnectivity which we know simply as thought, which is essentially the product that comes from using our brains – from thinking! Thinking is a critical part of survival. Exercising our thinking is instinctive to our Mammalian nature. However when we fail to exercise our minds right, we fall into a ditch. A close friend of mind calls this pandemic the problem of “content management”. When one becomes so caught up in his mind that he fails to escape it or no longer has the ability to choose his own thoughts shows that your content – your brain content -is being mismanaged. How having you been managing your content lately?

Tips for a healthy mind

  1. Listen to classical music. It is known to reduce stress and anxiety and is reportedly used in some countries to combat crime. In dangerous underground stations in England classical music was played for six months and it was observed that the crime rate dropped dramatically. Rauscher, Shaw and Ky (1993) wrote a book where they investigated the effect of listening to Mozart on spatial reasoning. They found that during the times where classical music was played spatial reasoning was temporarily enhanced.
  2. Meditation. On the contrary meditation is not about shutting your mind to the point where you think nothing, that is impossible! There are different types of meditation techniques that you can research about, but what is interesting is that all seem to have an inclination in mastering the mind and well, mastering mind content!
  3. Time-management:  the simple task of learning to keep a schedule and prepare ahead of time can relieve you of much stress and help de-clutter your mind.
  4. Hang out with positive people. The popular anecdote follows that a chicken can never hang out with eagles. This is not to say some people are better than others, but it does suggest that some people have more beautiful minds than others. If your clique have a certain pattern of thinking than you might as well accept it as your own.
  5. Find something interesting to read. Reading expands your world and thus your capacity of life and thinking.
  6. Watch cartoons. Yep escaping to your child-like mind, to absurdity and to fantasy can make your reality appear more interesting.


The next article on body will be the last one for the Lifestyle makeover series.

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