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Ligedla is one of the forgotten callings for healers, I don’t know what other nations call these professional people. We do not have an equivalent word to call them in English. Some people say they are herbalists but herbalists use only plants to heal and they heal only the body, but Emagedla heal the body, soul, and spirit. Some say could be equivalent to a pharmacist but that cannot be, because pharmacists use pills, tablets, and medicine to heal and heal only the body. Emagedla are part of the  Tinyanga and Tangoma group, but they use plants, water and animals to heal the body, soul, and spirit – but they do not divine. Before when things were still in order, Tinyanga and Tangoma would do the divining and then pass the patient to Ligedla to do the healing. Some Emagedla specialize in healing different types of body and spiritual sickness for children, women, and men. There are very powerful surgeons and even gynecologists among them. Each Ligedla specialises in certain sickness and conditions. Some deal with children, men’s health, women’s health, etc. Emagedla used to be mostly men just as Tinyanga(Moon) used to be mostly women as the word Inyanga(Moon) has a feminine energy and the woman’s menstrual cycle is also represented by the cycle of the moon . Training to be Ligedla can take a long time because there is so much to learn, it can even take over 10 years. In my case, I have undergone training of being Ligedla under my grandfather and my grandmother, my grandmother was one of the best Lugedla in Swaziland she also learned from her mother. Her mother was taught muti by snakes (INZUZA) under the sea (Indian Ocean). She used to heal almost all diseases even those diseases that European says are incurable.

Every time I visited them I used to go with a pen and my book and listen to them whilst imparting their knowledge to me as I had a calling to be a healer. Through what I learned from them I was able to write my own muti book in which I have not yet decided to publish or not, that book has healing for almost all diseases even some of the disease that white people say are incurable. My grandfather used to be happy when he saw me writing, when he was teaching me he realized that I highly honoured the knowledge he had. Many of our grandparents have decided to die with their knowledge because they have realised that we undermine them and think they are illiterate yet have very important knowledge to impart. We look at them as useless and illiterate because we think via European education, we think we are better than them. I hold my grandparents and their knowledge in high esteem. Today I can save the lives of many people and heal most of the diseases which white people cannot heal because of the knowledge from my grandparents. Medicine started in Africa that is why Imhotep who is known as the father of Medicine was an African living in Egypt (Kemet). He was practicing the mystery of Kem – kem-mistry now known as chemistry. He was a black man like me and you. Snakes(INZUZA) under the sea used to teach people medicine that Is why even now the sign of healing in hospitals and clinics is a snake, the snake signs is found in every hospital and on any ambulance. You must remember that I’m not writing anything that needs anyone to believe, because belief is for the ignorant. Things that one needs to believe in are things that have no evidence and cannot be proven to be true, like religion. So what im writing about you don’t need to believe in, you just need to check the back of any ambulance and you will see the sign of the snake (kundalini) am not writing fairy tales.

In the bible, a snake represents the Devil. The beginning of wisdom is to know that what a white man says is evil is actually good and what the white man says is good is actually evil. Why is the white man using a sign of a snake on any medical facility if the snake represents the Devil? Wake up black man from your deep sleep, by the time you wake up from that deep sleep everything will be gone. A snake has been blacklisted as evil by the Whiteman yet at the back he goes to snakes to learn and recognize that knowledge. Vuka Vuka Vuka Mu Africa. When one dreams of a snake especially the big snake that might mean that you need to heal people and snakes stand for luck not evil. Python fats are used to bring good luck and for other purposes. Even the bible contradicts itself, it says there was death in the desert and God said Moses must lift up a bronze snake so that anyone who looks upon it will not die but live, showing the people that a snake is a sign of life and healing, not evil (Numbers 21:9) and (John 3:14). Even your Jesus once said you must be wise as snakes. Our people have rejected healing from Emagedla and other traditional healers, they trust western medicine which has failed. People with diabetes are amputated yet there is no need for that, some people have lost their legs eventhough such things can be easily healed. Once the Europeans fail to heal a disease they publish that disease is incurable, yet we Africans can heal those diseases. Our people have subjected themselves to so many health complications because they look down on us Emagedla, some have even died needlessly. We are the fathers of Medicine here in Africa, even the Greeks were taught medicine by Africans. I can confirm with no doubt that in Africa we have the best healers in the world it’s just that we are trembled down apon by this system, including our own people. Our people are dying because of the lack of knowledge about themselves and the power in them.

Some sickness is spiritual not physical, but manifests itself in the flesh. Some people are diagnosed with kidney, liver, or heart failure and have died yet the problem was not physical but spiritual. Let me conclude this way just to show you how much knowledge our forefathers have. They used to hunt snakes different types of them killed them and cut the head immediately. They burn the head into ashes and mix it with trees like Umhlala, Umkwakwa or Intfuma(use the roots). They will burn that also and mix to create anti-venom for snake bites. If one is bitten by a snake they will make that person lick (Bakhotse) (Insiti) and drink water. People were not dying of snake bites without even going to the hospital. They were able to create their own ant-venom. Such (insiti) can be used also for headache and other insects bites to destroy the poison. Let me end here for now. Thokoza Ndauwe. Siyinduna Mapopo Rampane MAKHOSI

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