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Live today, it is the future anyway

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I look behind and consistently see conflicting struggles between

science and philosophy, and the factions forming in-between, separating ideas intrinsically,

All forgetting the source was born of one idea connecting negative,

positive and eternity,

Let me be within debate expanding consciously,

Without the need to force feed ideology,

The joke it seems is that even all the evidence is still not proven

and science and philosophy constantly overcome with new ideas and

theories to move on,

This leaves me with heart and mind as a source to define however

these still betray the righteous at times,

Maybe it would have been better to be blind,

Or maybe if we were all formless creatures floating throughout space and time,

Is there really a difference between fact and lie?

When only until recently information has been open to all who desire, yet still within the control of those who chose to define our existence by keeping the masses behind,

So much fabrication, so much interpretation, so much ideology pitting

nation against nation,

Then is broken down on further scales defining a race, class and education,

Even these words alone are cause for confrontation,

So I believe in patience,

I believe in passion, I believe in humility and peace as the source of

all creation but not without temptation, hatred and fear of the

unknown without contemplation,

There is no room for ideals, so on paper these words forever stay,

With the hope of inspiration, so I write my personal holy manuscript

from day to day,

Why not communicate with creation constantly and not just because it’s a bad day,

Who am I to say anyway?

I remain within the counsel of the “ungodly” because I have learnt how to

shine through dark nights and walk beside those who are pushed out of

the way,

Forever is today,

The future and past is now,

Your unfulfilled existence is only a reflection of how you had choice

to turn a frown into a smile but you turned it down,

Do it now, the future will show you how.
Copyright sunchild 09’

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