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"I am a little bit of everything all rolled into one.I am a lover,I am a child, I am a mother,I am a sinner, I am a saint. I do not feel ashamed.I am your hell, I am your dream, I am nothing in between." "I am the past you know nothing bout. The future you cannot ignore."

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A new world order is beckoning. A bigger way of living that transcends the world order which we are familiar with now. It’s hard to for many to see it when we are caught up in the mediocre of modern living. Humanity is a quickly evolving species and the times of using the powers we have within are near. Humans are powerful. A person can live through life relying on intuition and intellect alone.

We know that in modern day it is not possible because that very raw ability and power is killed as soon as one goes to school and starts reciting the ABC as well as the pleasures people abuse themselves with from food, wine to sex…gratification and hedonism obstructs the clarity of essential humane purity and internal power.

All throughout our upbringing we are taught what is wrong and right, that there are only two ways of seeing things and to live according to a bigger world order. This is all good and well to exist well in modern society, as we have to develop a civilization that encourages empathy, peace and an environment conducive to development and order. Yet to build on this is to eradicate the very foundation of human prowess, which I believe has contributed to the menace of the world.

Humanity is still at an immature stage of evolution. I always say that we are still uncivilized even though we may see ourselves as refined. We may be mobile, cosmopolitan and civilized in the physical sense of the world but on an emotional and spiritual level, we still have a long way to go.

A good example is how people easily get caught up in squabbles, arguments, factions, fights etc. Instead of pursuing understanding and seeking common ground to find solutions…it turns into a mud sling with others trying to prove others wrong and internalized issues being brought to the fore. Such kind of engagements, show the kind of conversations people are having with themselves. If we had more positive conversations with ourselves we would exhibit and reflect that positive energy to the world. I know it’s a simplified way of seeing things when you consider the complexities of the world, of social interaction, science, religion, philosophy and the human psychology.

We have tried to find solace in different outlets and though others offer short term solutions and hope…we need something more long standing. That thing wasn’t going to just come. It was necessary for humanity to go through the motions…for us to experience, learn, apply and grow, and not only in a way that appeases us but in a manner that’s at peace with nature for we are one.

Humanity has on many occasions failed to work positively with nature. Excuse me, but I’m one of those who believe that the current rains are a result of humans tampering with nature and interacting with other forces (www.abovetopsecret.com). Humanity is on its own…the alliance with nature has been tampered with so it’s up to us to find a space to re-build it, and to do any external work is to repair from within first. Just as the skin doesn’t rely expensive products but on water, a nourishing diet, rest and exercise.

Now, to usher in the new world order with ease, we must be prepared. Preparation is underrated. If you are not prepared, how do you expect things to work out well? We must be open to the world order, just as one has to be in a receiving state of mind to accept advice, knowledge and blessings. When you prepare, you fine tune your mind to be conscious of any changes that may take place and this puts you in a favorable position to elevate yourself from the routine you were used to and move to a different space. Growth and change doesn’t necessarily mean where you are right now is bad…it simply means there’s a better space, there’s more fulfillment, roles to take on, duties to satisfy, callings to answer. To live well is to use and exhaust our talents, spread energy, satisfy ourselves and others as well as pursue the works assigned to us by our higher power. Everyone fits somewhere in the bigger picture, just as every creature and plant contributes to the eco-system in one way or another.

To open up to bigger life is to gain self esteem. Look up the definition in the dictionary. How do you interpret it? Self esteem is that ability to see you as worthy and able. Every person needs a certain degree of self esteem to thrive. There are others who go through life with a nil self esteem but the quality of their lives tends to be shaky and they don’t fulfill all that they set out to do. A person with a healthy self esteem reflects a positive disposition, sees the bigger picture, honors himself, humanity and God and pursues knowledge, understanding with the same voraciousness she pursues her personal goals.

To open up to life is to lose the ego. The ego in its simplistic form is the need for self fulfilling righteousness and the need to be right, if only to just feel better about yourself. State your truth and detach. There is no need to be defined by right and wrong. There’s a bigger reality beyond the small talk you clobber your mind with and the subjective opinions others many throw your way. If its advice, meditate on it and use it…if it’s meant to break you down, what’s the use of it? Let it corrupt the sender.

Now you see that self esteem and ego go in separate directions? Ego is a humane developed quality. When you were a small child you had no ego. But when you grew up you learnt that there’s humiliation, shame, right and wrong etc and that you must “look a certain way” in the eyes of others, so you obtained an ego but unfortunately ours is not a world that knows how to teach moderations. Self esteem on the other hand is a natural quality. That very thing that makes you wake up in the morning is the beginning of self esteem. If you didn’t believe you had anything to do or contribute, you’d lie in bed all day. That little speck of self belief is the dawn of self esteem.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot have a healthy self esteem when you have an inflated ego, nor can you let go of the ego when your self esteem is deflated. Even common sense argues this reality. To build self esteem is to let go of the ego. Yes, you can survive through life…many have but at the end of the day, what conversations are dancing in your mind? They matter because they are likely to translate to reality.

The new world order is lurking nearby. Just this once, find it in yourself to build your spirit, the person within, just as you work on external things. Know that there’s a peace that passes all understanding if you will find it. It’s not a guarantee but it’s worth the effort. Only then, you will realize that there’s more to life and the small things we think are important, are nothing in the bigger scope of things. Not to divert your attention from the fact that life has to be lived of course…

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