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Phomolo Sekamotho, better known as Flex, is a South African poet that fuses spoken word poetry with various elements of art. His craft has seen him travel and share himself all across Southern Africa and the United States of America.

Look out for volume 6 – Review

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It is a Sunday evening and we gathered at Stones Hatfield about to get ‘rocked’, 21H00 (two hours of the stated kick off time of 19H00) we still wonder and socialise but luckily outside the entrance at a different venue a jazz band is at it and our eyes and ears can’t help but steal the nourishing sight and sounds being planted by musical farmers, although up the stairs is where the heat from the Oven is.

Into the kitchen I’m met by a few pool tables, warm smiles and trendy handshakes from familiar faces, the platform is a spacious flat surface surrounded by furniture catered to a few potatoes and behind it is the main man Beatoven getting warmed up playing predominantly international jams (can’t quite recall hearing local artists.) The Mc for the evening is none other than the not so tall but gifted Mmusa The Governor of Street Poets Society.

Finally what is seemingly going to be a spectacle gets underway and it’s kick started by a duo Oxy and Mofero (Tswana rappers) who reside all the way from Mafikeng in the North West, competing with the noise levels of the crowd who’s focus is still drowning in pool tables in partnership with a stubborn sound system contributing to vague lyrical content. Other acts who blessed the stage with their presence from outside of CapCity where the likes of The Federation formerly known as Landminez straight out of Soweto (“where you usually get smacked if you act like a clown kid” like Pro once painted it). It was as clear as fire that Mr C and Neo had been performing together for quite some time as their word-play was a marvel to the ear, Mr C concluded the performance with the following line; “chasing after rappers won’t get you recognition!!!” something for a few sisters to think about.

Much like The Federation, Kronos Logiq were also away from home as they dazzled the second leg of Lookout for volume 6. All the way from the East Rand they were accompanied by two halves of Last Dayz Fam (The best hip-hop crew according to hype awards) along with their manager. Lines such as “we are the best of both worlds like schizophrenic albinos” painted out loud what the clique was about. “Rock, paper, scissors and tongue” with Phiziks on the Instrumental is their track featured on volume 6. Mic check “One 2 One 2!!!” Yes One 2 also known as the Vaal version of a A_Huge Impakt were also in the house and they bought it down, displaying an element of versatility as they fused hip hop with reggae, “I’m underground, but I want the finer things in life” to my overstanding just because you consider yourself underground that doesn’t necessarily mean you should remain broke and be denied life to its depth. One of the nicest performances of the night was granted by Capcity based Adrenaline clique who feature on the upcoming volume 6, clearly rehearsals are stretched before performances ran as choreography stands out like a sore thumb. They really got the crowd going with one of their tracks “keeping it on the low” as hand screams from behind me beat my eardrum on multiple occassions.

The all star crew (N’veigh, Flex Boogie and Blaklez) also did their thing as solo artists featuring Poet the sonnet and Ras, Mr “hit em with a bottle” Blaklez displayed some “improbable” skill by switching his flow three times on a single beat as his intro, the young ladies screaming and smoking their lungs out right in front of the stage suggested a great performance by Blaklez. He was followed by N,veigh and later Flex Boogie who for a lot of people is one of the greatest performers, for most of his performance he swiftly dances and glides around the flat surface as if he was guided by a deeper being invisible to the naked eye (this is what he calls catching the holy spirit).

A_Huge Impakt did the expected, portrayed excellency with head banging, ‘moving’ sounds and were amongst the best performers of the night. It’s always great to float in an atmosphere of good people and to w(rap) it up, It was a typical successful Sunday evening hip-hop show. I’m definitely looking forward to volume 6. Peace!!!

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