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thesunchild –’humility is the key to unlock humanity’

No matter your colour, creed, religion, background, status, upbringing, level of education, or even experience, there is only one commandment that governs all creation.

Remember this is not only found in times of happiness and joy but also in times of trails and tribulation.

This united force is called Love.



As God continues to reveal herself in the ordinary and mundane,

Creating a lasting link and chain,

Some still move along unaware of their purpose and aim,

Others react with disdain,

Or remain blinded by despair,


There is no way to explain,

You can and only know and experience,

When you are open to joy and pain,

For nothing in this world that we hold on to,

Will we ever be able to claim,


Some find it in other beings,

Others cling to indoctrination or religious teaching,

Some even find it in what their wearing,

I find it in humility, simplicity, and sharing,

Still not sure of what I’m speaking,?

Then within this dream you will continue sleeping,


No other law or rule to believe in,

No other question to ask or free yourself in,

It should encapsulate your entire being,

Seep within every movement and with every interaction,

Flow fluidly like a river or stream,


It is the common denominator within life’s fraction,

Often misunderstood,

For within this word lies the power for evil and good,

Hurt and pain, within every heart beat and vein,

Sunshine and rain, through the smiles and the frowns,

There is nothing false or fake within this sentiment,

So it can never be bought and its principles never spent,

You can only live this


Copyright Keenan Bailey a.k.a thesunchild 08′

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