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miHla KuMaLo – an arm and a leg, eye for an eye. I am an archetype blunt head, your barbaric love commander, A.K.A Savimbi survivalist evil. I write scrip’s to sit on the moon and jerk off to cloud nine. I roll on like the rolling stones. And those who have fall pray to those who stove. I am what I am and what’s destined to be, will come to me.

Life Long Breath

Over and above all
God your almighty
Jesus your Lord and savior

In life that belongs to death
He leads me into confusion
Delivers me to civilisations

Between unaccomplished dreams
Unwanted babies and broken hearts
Disasterous family and drunken farts

Different specs, same view
Different town, same vibe
Different room, same mood

Half way to 47
In between life in death
365 x 27 more life breaths

Tired to be sick and tire
Fuel me up and set me on fire

– End –


Make love to a baby rhino
Let it suck you dry
And father its babies.

Take a hike up her legs
Smack a bitch
Descend it to its knees.

Strangle a bushman
Pimp his natured wife
And marry his prodigal son.

Live hard humping like a puppy
Swear on your mothers’ grave
Promising her peace in Israel.

Amstel your veins and live
Like you’ve just been reborn.

-End –

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