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Money is what makes some men act funny. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Therefore, money is just material. People make it evil. Money is a substance that can be

exchanged for various pleasures and necessities.  Money is just a commodity, you shouldn’t work for money, money should work for you. Money is considered to be the measure of value. Money is not the most important thing, but it ranks up there with oxygen. Some people got to have it. Some people really need it. It’s the big, lean, mean green.


When money was invented, it was meant to be a viable means of trade for people who did not have any goods to barter with. Hence Money worked for people! Can we say the same about that statement today?

Legend has it that Whites have it, Indians pray for it, Coloreds work for it and Blacks steel it. Lol! Obviously the economic industry disapproves the statement to an extent.  Due to the fact that we have schools which teach all the above candidates similar things that permit them to leverage their situations – True.  However, Knowledge is Power, not qualifications. Education is a composition of information and certain information is omitted in the school education system for the sake of qualifications, which should contribute to a certain aspect in the economy, in relation to the particular field of study.  What are and who determines these aspects?  They are: First – Employees; Second – Specialists/ Self Employed; Third – Big Business Owners, and Forth – Investors. Mr. R. Kiyosaki and/ your financial adviser would probably do a better job elaborating the candidate’s differences, but given the platform I will do by all means to summarize it to the best of my ability.

Employees: Need I explain.  Go to any school and ask the students ‘what they want to be when they grow up?’ 90% of the answers will be related to earning a salary, paying taxes monthly before spending there money.  Being paid just enough not to quite and them working twice as hard not to be fired, if not thrice as hard. You can not blame them. That is what school is for: To groom intellectual components of a system (business) that is created by someone they seldom see or know.  Please, do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being an employee and that is why they euphemize it so diligently and parents promote it – to make sure that the candidates look forward to the experience of being part of the vicious cycle: go to school, work hard, get a job, pay debt go back to work harder to pay more debt while yearning for recognition and appreciation… It’s sad, but true; once you join the J.O.B [“Journey Of the Broke”] you are more likely to remain J.O.B [“Just Over Broke”] beyond 65, while still thriving for financial security. However, employees are the most vital elements of the industry, because their efforts make it what it is and to become. Being an employee in a particular industry is just one of the means of attaining money from the economy.  In that aspect, it is the boss’s job to give the  employee a job, but it is the employee’s job to enrich him/herself.

Then there are Specialists/Self employed candidates.  Not only are they often the creators of their system, but they are also the components of the system and are the system.  They believe that If you want something done perfectly – do it yourself.  Hence, when they take

a break so does the money. In most instances, they are the jack-of-all-trades in their system departments.

Big Business Owners are the creators of the systems.  They ensure that the most competent aspiring employees are employed; they would even handout bursaries to enhance the process.  They seldom come to office and when they do it is because they have something to do, not because they have to do something.  They attain money via their systems in their presence and absence.  Their hard work is leveraged, thus smart work.

Then there are Investors. Many are called, but few are chosen.  Not only are they creators of systems, but they also assist to enhance the prosperity of other systems by contributing their money, after due diligence of cause.  With the expectation of lump sum dividends in

return.  Investors have no interest in earning a salary, because it is limited, restricted, and dictated.  They are interested in income and its various sources of influx.  They do not thrive for an impressive CV, but a Portfolio, most of which have or thrive for MBA’s (Mega Bank Accounts) which permits them their financial freedom.  They do not brainstorm with colleagues, they network with associates.  They quest for knowledge, their Hedge, education.  They prefer attending seminars & presentations then lectures & courses for information, not qualifications.  They do not work for money, Money works for them!

90% of the earth’s money resides in the Big Business Owners and Inventor’s turf, while 10% is left to the Specialist/Self employed and Employee’s turf. 90% of the earth’s money is in the possession of 10% of the earth’s population and 10% of the earth’s money is left for the consumption of 90% of the earth’s population…Life is not unfair, life is what you make of it. Money does not discriminate.  It rushes to those who know how to grow it from the seed – THOUGHT.

This subject has no end.  Nevertheless, please note: One’s activities and level of engagement among the given aspects, determines one’s source(s) and attainment of money.  The major and most eminent difference of the four given categories is not their academic IQ levels, advantages etc… But the way they THINK!

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