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Month of Matriarchs [Joan Amatrading] 3:25AM 23/08/2011

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Month of Matriarchs

In all that is prescribed, a little bit of repentence and moderation is advised, because in these challenging times we’re living in, society places a lot of pressure on itself, thus we’re left with beings that live, not diamonds that shine bright. Antidotes to life are required and the stereo can testify to that testament. Music lives on, beyond the lyrics of an eternal song. Music is the source of life and salt in our laughter. Icons in the music scene remind us that there is more to life than the benefits of an insured pyramid scheme.  Those whom remind us that there truly is “more than one kind of love,” yes that line. It takes you back to a time when the population was honest and bankrupcy was a myth, that and your mother’s music collection, stacked in-between pot plants and the tea set,  in the cupboard next to the good dishes and expensive whisky, stacked according to genre. The secular music at the bottom, conspicuously and the miscillaneous music moved to the top.  Somewhere in there was a copy of Joan Armatrading.

One cannot attach her prolific voice to anything mediocre but the maturity of time.  Joan Armatrading is a steam rain that refuses to make pit stops for water but ever so thirsty for the Mic.  If music could be wrapped, suited up in nonchalant attire, it would be in her name and image, she is a beacon, and a dynamic powerhouse, her work, and multiple accalades prove such.  Joan Armatrading became the first female UK artist to debut at number 1 in the Billboards Blues chart and went on to hold the title for being The first Black UK artist, male or female, to be nominated for a Grammy in blues category.

Though West Indian born but Birghmingham bred, her musics still resonates within us long before we exchanged the BMX bikes for the BMW Motorcycles, 1950 was the year that the universe crammed her into 3D, before downloads began molesting record sales.

Her journey in music began when she had purchased her first guitar at 3 pounds, a few self taught lessons later and she was writing music, all at the tender age of 14. Clarity came at an early age for Joan and she has not looked back since, chasing her dreams until the back of the net.

Having reached the peak of musical success, and enjoying the insentives that comes with a blessed talent, such as having performed twice for Nelson Mandela, nominated for three Grammy’s and honoured by the Queen of England, she is a true reflection of passion driven with love and purpose, she runs in a league of the architects of timeless tunes.  It is important that we lament the strength and beauty of our women and Joan Armatrading is that woman of refined rawness.  Her consistency is sured through her relevance and her transition from “true soul to sophisticaed pop” has not diluted her message.

Transparency draws a thin line between brilliance and epic, I would assume that she would dwell in both Worlds, which ever! Joan carries on jamming and rocking shows, having planned a tour in the coming year and the release of yet another album, she is what many would call, a legend, but do not take my word for it, check it out for yourself as she LIVES ON, this month in consciousness.

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Month of Matriarchs [Joan Amatrading] 3:25AM 23/08/2011, 1.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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