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MORA Cultural Initiatives – ART ACROSS THE SPACE SA 2012

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Exhibition by Abdulrazaq Awofeso and Impande Core

(“Strengths of our time, is in our Human voice”) prophet JD

With music Performances by General Sbu, Mabusha and Impande Core
Opening: 06 October 2012 at 15:00
Venue: King Kong, Verwey St No 6 New Doornfontein (next to Jeppe Police Station)

The project “Across the Space” brings together art practitioners seeking to establish a cultural dialogue across African countries on issues such as the challenges of migration and borders.

Awofeso says the “comparison of the continent’s police and security in the West it is not based on gadgets and gear but looks critically into what Afrika is facing, a challenge that the continent is dealing with a sense of agency.”

The Art exhibition is aimed at manifesting cultural and artistic visibility for artists on the African continent. As part of the series of exhibitions and artistic engagements Across the space features works by Impande Core (playing Live Acoustics) and Abdulrazaq Awofeso bringing South Africa and Nigeria together on a cultural dialogue.

Curator Prophet JD says “we are taking a fragile step towards materialising collaborations among continental artists. The aim is to facilitate the development of African visual languages which are able to engage relevantly with the social and political conditions Afrikans face in their everyday lives, including transitions in rural and urban spaces. Art Across the Space as a project is based on the idea of Afrikan artists reoccupying their own thought and production.”

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