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Mother Africa

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by Sizakele Phohleli

Mother Afrika

Mother Afrika

Salutations, Ululations
God must have been African
Skin so dark, voice so calm
Woman you are a lady
Hands so soft, my home in you
peace embodiment
Snapping, harmony
God must have been poetic
Heart beat, my beat
You must have been the inspiration from which my life is rooted
That beat, drum beat
God must have been a songstress
Creativity, sensitivity
God must have been a lady
Perfectionist, destiny
God must have been an artist
Intelligence, magnificent
God must have birthed Eisten
Tenderness, hospitality
God must been have a mother
Body wounded, pride bruised, prayer warrior
A fighter you are
Faithful believer, made me a believer
God lives in you
Style so simple, smile so flawless
How I love your dimple
Sensuality, sexuality
God is ability
Your body, such purity
God is a saint
Your body, so delicious
Such delicacy
Heart so big, curves so wide
Give me authority
Eyes so beautiful, visions of you I see
My mystery
Woman of mystery, let’s elope
Be my compass
Kisses so rare, lips so fine
You’re my privilege
Touches so pure, my compeller
Such addiction
Bosom so big, pride so little
You’re my aspiration
Ego so sexy, arrogance no entry
Respectful you are
Physicality, temptations
Girl you tempt me
Positivity, agility
Lady of the future
Pain you endured, tears you’ve cried, humility you still bear
Mother Mary reincarnated
Soul bearing scars, patient you remain
Made me a worshiper
Your kind so rare, you are a keeper
My twilight
Beauty epitome
Heavenly connections
Earthly vibrations
Angels wearing colour
Colours of redemption
Fabrics of hope
Threads of salvation
Patches of restoration
God’s beauty revealed
Salutations to Africanism

© S Phohleli 2012-04-25

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