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Music the real transporter

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Where do you want to go? Do you have an eagerness to travel unchartered planes of thoughts and consciousness; are you a free spirit with an insatiable willingness to explore all kinds of ubiquitous terrains?  Are you a creative in the quest to stretch your potential for creating?  Or perhaps you are an average Joe from the block merely looking for more…let’s say inspiration?  In one form or another we are all restless souls looking to make some sense of the madness of our world,  nomads in a No-Man’s Land.

The answer to curbing our woes may be in  the soothing sounds of classical music, in the nostalgic nuances of old-school or new-school jazz, in the booming bass of house music and techno music, in the lingering laces of acoustic guitaring, and in ordinary rhyme and rhythm… I’m talking about the language of love and life, the lingua franca of the world. Simply put MUSIC.  There is something uniquely compelling and mystical about music. Music is a transporter, not only can it take you back in time in that it can trigger memories of certain events in the past but it can totally transport you quantum-leap style into the future where you begin to dream and imagine. This is a phenomenon. Music is transcendence like a Star Trek machine trekking people and locking them in experience, a time machine. Word! My many instances of dejavu have oftentimes occurred with some music playing in the background.

So peeps here is my philosophy music provides the soundtrack to our lives and no I didn’t steal this from my drunken uncle. Music is a cipher, a channel of experience where in mysterious way we become caught up in moments. We just get high. For instance Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack, Barry White and Aretha Franklin as well as Boys 2 Men, Joe Thomas, Brian McKnight, Whitney Houston and Tamia remind me of Sunday afternoons in Ga-rankuwa where growing up as a kid in the mid-90s these fused sounds would permeate the skies of zone three as neighbours would simultaneously play these romantic -and sometimes melancholic- sounds to be fused with the smells of spices as mothers and their daughters cooked up a beautiful storm in the kitchen for the traditional “Sunday lunch”.

The same way in Ga-rankuwa where a Sunday lunch without beetroot was not a real Sunday lunch there is a particular mdala that I would pass while walking back from church sitting on his stoep next to his speaker listening to some so-called deep jazz. My Sunday walks back from church without seeing him were not Sundays! Under the sunny Ga-rankuwa sky I will steal a look at this mdala as he sat cemented like a griot lost in a trance.  Because of music these days a clear in my mind like motion picture on LCD. This is the power of music people.  Music can take you to where television cannot, where teachings cannot, where fiction cannot, where you generic mind will not but where rhythmic, music qualities can. There is something unique to it. When music plays we get lost in states of being or even states of becoming.

As I’m writing this piece Lauryn Hill’s “I Gotta Find Peace of Mind” is playing and she flows: ‘I know it’s possible (to be free)’. I second your thoughts Miss Hill and encore to you who has taken me into many countries through your music, into galaxies and beyond like Buzz Lightyear in his element. So conscious people this is the dealio if you’re looking to free your mind then look around for some good music (any genre) because music that takes you deeper into experience is your transporter to discovery so take the first flight. “If music be the food of love, play on.”

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