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My Cry – Douglas Mukuze

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My Cry - Douglas Mukuze

A journey from my first sunrise

Each path I partake with belief and undying faith

In he who makes flowers in my garden brilliant and sweet.

I am a seed from reality and dreams for my existence is intertwined between the two

Yet I still struggle to grasp why my victory still remains a wider river to cross

I have shared my days with angels,

Individuals whose remarkable inspirations are still wet.


A life spent within ones circle is no different from being selfish

I could firmly object before I had a desire to carpet the world

Yes it’s still an unrealised dream,

Though it’s true about dying if you cease to dream so I shall not cease to dream.

I desire to be an undying inspiration to a couple of souls

What’s going to give a meaning for my existence

Is resting knowing my words would forever live, shine further after sunset.

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