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sunchild – Please introduce yourself to the consciousness community and tell us a bit about who you are and what it is that you do?

nancy g –  Hi Consciousness lounge (*^_^*) i’m Nancy G. I am a musical artist and Arts activist from Swaziland. I grew up in London, and I am currently based in South Africa. I play the guitar and sing as well as write and arrange my own music.

sunchild – How would you describe your sound and what makes you unique if you consider yourself to be unique?

nancy g – I would decribe my music as a reflection of my concious being, using myself as an instrument to communicate. My current work is based on a concept of dialogue with my physical self and my spritual self.

What makes me Unique?,, umm, i would definatley have to say its the journey and the experience that makes it unique. Id love to say its cos I was made that way, but i don’t know only God and the Universe knows that one.. hehe.. But how I am as man and how I choose to play out my destiny is my God given choice.

sunchild – What is your writing process like and what makes a good song?

nancy g – What makes a good song is the sincerity, like after I finished recording this album, I felt so drained. It was such an experience ,, I even fell sick.. hehe. A bit dramatic i know.. haha..I have always been a drama queen. But to know that my soul went into making this record is what makes it a good record. I honestly believe that there are enough people on this planet

To enjoy my music, some will like it some will hate it, but as long as they hear it.. hehe its good enough for me.. (*^_^*)

My writing process?… well like most things inspired, it comes from inside. Sometimes its dreams, sometimes its nature, sometimes it’s memories, sometimes it’s silence.  When it comes to lyrics it’s only a matter of time, till they write themselves in relation to the music.

sunchild – Which artists or bands do you think you draw the most inspiration from or admire?

nancy g – I admire all musicians/artists who can sustain their career. I used to be a bit snobbish about the type of music I listen to, but the more I got involved with the industry I came to realise that it’s all a matter of hard work, skill and dedication. Alot of people are born with talent and gifts, but they die out because of the pressure, that society doesn’t always allow for your dreams to be financially sustainable. Sure, I don’t particularly listen to britney spears on the regular, but I will give her producers and her as a brand, and entertainer props. No offence britney… but she’s not exactly (*^_^*)

sunchild –  What made you decide to leave Swaziland and come to Joburg?

nancy g – The opportunity to make my dreams reality, unfortunately in a small place like Swaziland where everyone knows each other it’s difficult to break free of your family name. You’re always guilty by association as someones daughter, or sister etc etc.  I really just wanted to be me.

Also the mindset of the genereal public in small countries tends to be narrow, Whereas because of the exposure to multi culturalism in bigger more cosmopolitan cities I felt that there would be opportunies for me to expand my horizons and impliment my agenda.

sunchild –  What projects are you currently working on?

nancy g –  As an Artist i have just finished recording my first album, you can hear a couple of tracks on the old myspace.com/einmotion

As well as running Jo burgs official Musicians Showcase, which is a huge project to revamp the music industry here in South Africa.  I just love shaking it up a little; let’s see what the fat cats think of this one.

sunchild How do you feel about the current state of South Afrikan music and what would you do to change it, if you feel it needs changing?

nancy g – If we are talking indigenous music and how it has adapted to its contemporary state? I feel not enough has been done academically or research wise to identify Contemporary South Afrikan music as a Genre. The Musical elements of South Afrikan music are rarely considered in the composition of contemporary music. Artists tend to put it down to their languages, which I feel is important but shallow in the greater context of custodianship to a genre.

For example here we have young people taking Dr Dre Beats, or 50 cent beats and rapping in vanac then labelling it South Afrikan Hip Hop.

I honestly take my hat off to the likes of JR an HHP who use the music to articulate their heritage, not just the language. Another thing is, it’s all about communicating to the world, technology is bringing music from all over the world into your home. Unfortunately there are so many languages in this world which people are too ignorant or lazy to try and figure out what you are trying to say.  This is why the music needs to tell the story.  Music is the Universal language.

Sure the likes of Hugh Masekela and Simphiwe Dana get it, but that is a small handful for such a big coutry with strong heritage. It is the responsibility of the Media, Artisans and the State to maintain culture by educating the youth, and the youth are missing the point…

Evidently the missing link is a matter of definition and eduation.

sunchild Where can people find out more about you my space, face book etc?

nancy g –  You can hear my music on www.myspace.com/einmotion

Einmotion if short for Energy in motion.

Also Facebook. If you just search me

Nancy G Music

Rockumentary central and also

Musicians Showcase

That’s ME (*^_^*).. i’m still getting the hang of Facebook, so i don’t have any music up there,

sunchild Do you have any up and coming gigs that our SA readers can attend and where and when?

nancy g – Well i have an event on the 3rd February; in Sandton at the Gautrain Radisson Blu Hotel it’s a beautiful event that showcases South Afrikan talent to the other side of town.

sunchild Do you have any final words, comments or advice for the consciousness community?

nancy g – Trust yourself, and Love yourself, it’s all starts with you then, the energy starts a ripple, and then God and the Universe does the rest.

Nancy thanks for taking the time out to answer some questions on the consciousness lounge, and for allowing me to delve into the depths and hopefully uncover some of the mystery surrounding Nancy G.


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