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Ndim’lo – Poetry Feature

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Ndim’lo Bio:

My late mother told the 12-year-old version of me to excel. Her words became my North star, I completed my high school education at Christian Brothers College and currently working towards my bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of Johannesburg.

Throughout my career writing was my outlet. I won countless awards dedicated to my creativity, which expressed itself through various mediums. Poetry is my first love, inspired by poets like Janette Ikz, Dana Gilmore, Jill Scott, Maya Angelou and Koleka Putuma.

Ndim’lo, Khanyisile Kutloano Makhoba. My name means bringing light. So naturally my poetry strives to do just that, shine light on injustices, bring light to love stories untold. I am merely just a story teller writing poetry that can be a voice for many.

Letsatsi la ka

The mental capture faded away first.

Seconds later the.
The sunshine revealed
Scenes heightened that imbodied my fractures

Later acquainted with the
… Fatal at that
Lami ilanga Letsatsi
ilanga lami uyithathile

Lost between the rises and sets of things
Caught between the sheets, you see!

“Letsatsi la ka”
Snatched the sunshine of my essence

I lays dormant
Awakened left shaken by the exploitation
Of my frequency  my all so magnetic vibrations

Puzzled disabled
To be freed
By that nightingale

It dismantled, manipulated,
objectified me to
Reach his ever shining climax

in all my white lighters presence

Stars aligned divinely to bask me in
Seemingly everlasting darkness that
Cloudy purple haze infused darkness
To reach some sort of ecstasy.

The confined concealed
now woken?!
or not.

He flowered me up you know¿?
The waved rays, ensuring the
Illusion of that photosynthesis

To lock me in a timed comfort
Left to linger

Like a fool run back to you
Dancing to your latest tunes
The ooohhs and the aahhss of your song

Drowning in your sophisticated sweet
O so sweet honey-coated matter fact

ilanga lami
My light shared with a skilled manufacturer of
Agonising short lived pleasures

As my light dimes
So do the pleasures and the measures
Taken to make me stay
now left to be lend astray

foretold by many
I am now blinded by staring at Letsatsi

The sun only gives illusions
of rising and setting
Gorgeous sight right.

– Ndim’lo – 28/07/2019


Letsatsi la ka

Letsatsi la ka
iLanga lami

Revives every
Atom of my

Kicks starts
My photosynthesis

Bona ke letsatsi la ka
ilanga ongowami

My skin is textured without it…
Instructing me to seek it.

The rays that flow
through the day are waves
of love into my heart

My soul longs
To bask in it’s
Seemingly everlasting comfort.

Letsatsi la ka
ilanga lami sets.

Reeled in by the magnified attraction force.
The sun sets.

Leaving me exposed
To the nightingale

Eyes gawking at my frailty
After all I am a woman.

Ke Letsatsi la ka
iLanga ongowami

The promise to linger…
Hence he rises and sets.

-Ndim’lo -12/09/2018


Untold story

Focused on you
watched you hide
unacquainted with your light
fixated on mine

we walk as a pair
bearing the cross of
and a misguided

going hungry
bystanders to our lives
you stayed by my side
gripping tight to my light

while I’m basking in yours
Growing hungry for more

dimmed down by
the endless abuse
Needing you
I held on tight
going along for the masquerade

Masking your pain with
I still see you

Untold story
Still unacquainted
with your light

But holding on
with all your might
fed by the divine light
we making it through the night

your my blood
My brother, needing you for the fight

Siblinghood the fuel we need
To reach unforetold heights
tell your story
Meet your light

– Ndim’lo -27/05/2020



High Eternal Rawness
Closeness intimacy just plain old fucking love
It doesn’t have to echo the sound of
a thousand already told stories
the countless years spent
In embrace

your energy is confrontational soothing
wrapping me in your sensual femininity
practically drowning in the pure thick lustful air
In inhale exhale out comes the passion

Created by her curves
imprinted at the forefront of my cerebral cortex,

your song on repeat, your aura ignites a subtle climax.

Choking on the sadness gathering in my throat
Feeling accepted embraced let in by the woman
The wet illusioned now foretold goodness
Sculptured to fill the cracks in my mould
In one simple spiritual encounter

She shies away from my intimacy, my heart
unclosed for her eyes to feast on my frailties
Ashamed now
afraid now of the possibilities
Thoughts of you haunting my fantasies.

Melodic tunes playing in my head that echo the beat your blood has no choice but to dance to.

harmonized, electrified just consumed by
our magnetic fatal attractive yet brief interaction.

Imperfect tales already being painted
Sculptures in reality moulded
To ensure that truth will stare right back at you
when you are forced to wake from the short-lived all enticing self-created fantasies

Little signs in my path
In remembrance of what I believed was about to materialize.
Maybe my tunes echo in her mind
Perhaps the signs are left behind by her.
Possibly I’m just being tormented … Maybe just
just maybe.

– Ndim’lo -19/03/2020



Between a rock and a hard place

Inequality of affection influenced
by a heartbroken by the wannabe me!                                                                                                                   the yesterdays couldn’t handle

her flaming energy…  that was
clearly mine to bear.
Fully equipped to delicately embrace and nurture.

Her long foretold arrival in my aura
Aware of the broken pieces
I foolishly created by making space
for those that gave me a false impression of you

tainted not trusting your intuition
Can’t deny that our closeness replenishes
Can’t help but crave affection
a warm Sunday hug from the sun
a Turkish delight

Apparent now that you can’t take your eyes off of me
So why try?

Previous elusive intents makes you question
Scared to let go and trust in the connection
Distrust setup up by the empty promises and false hopes

do I have enough fight to try for you
Ain’t nothing like you and I

Between a rock and a hard place

This, isn’t, ordinary
a need for a Khumo infused high
Convinced that I’m a game to you

We could’ve been
Open honest allowing the divine to design and control our destiny

Keep your eyes locked on me
Look into the depths of my inner most being
My raw essence
Explore and dismantle

Dig right in…
Feast until your heart’s content.
terms and conditions apply

Simply put
Monkey see monkey do
I will show you mine if you show me yours

Take a leap of faith with me
Communication is key

Not to be

Between a rock and a hard place

A. G. A. I. N

 -Ndim’lo -30/03/2020



Still my energy wants to fight
Holding on to what should have been
What was already written
just waiting for life to be breathed into it

To take the form of a harmonious melody
Fluid memories of the energies colliding
communicating understanding healing

First in-sync rhythms recognized
Second communication of past lives
It felt like home
She felt like home

Hurdles immediately faced
Confusion shortly after
Negative externalities were at the horizon

Still I couldn’t accept that this was the end
That all of it was a figment of my imagination
Afraid scared disheartened by your previous lovers
You Ran

You caused ripples of disappointment
Bitterness took over

Still I wanted to fight for
What was already written
just waiting for life to be breathed into it

Reunited by my words
My strategically placed words
Words used to express
To communicate raw emotions
Pure poetic justice but still
You ran

Ripples turned into waves of rejection
The written slowly altered
Taking different shape
Hurt and insecure I reach for the exit

Sudden proclamations of love
Blocked my path
Seeking affection overwhelms
Followed by an o so familiar sense of a timed comfort glaring at me
it felt like you were still going to run

Echoes of my past
Eating at my reality

72 hours

That is all it took
You ran
Now left with a love story unfinished

Disregarded and abandoned
Promises unfulfilled
My heart left broken
Leaving my mind to sort through the questions

Wondering if
Yet another sudden proclamation of love
Was around the corner
Awaiting my embrace

The most recent one took form of a proposal
An invitation to fulfil
what was already written
An opportunity to breathe life into it

I grabbed it with both hands
Ultimate bliss
Finally it was time to give

Ready for what was written
To come to life

Irrespective of you running
Still want to hold you under moonlight
Yes I fucken said it
I am a romantic
I love organic connections
picnics, candle light dinners shit like that
Kill me

Still I want to explore all your complexities
Your demons don’t scare me
Can you hear me
Hear my cry
You can’t stay hidden and silent

Feeling a spiritual invasion dawn
With tears strolling down my face
In remembrance of your absence
Still I want to fight
I just want you

I’m aware I’m alone in the fight

Barely holding on.
My intellect fighting against the fight
Making me face the reality

Of your shared strategically placed words
To express to communicate in song
Wrapping me in the possibilities
Only for you to neglect the present
And disregard my existence

Still I want you
I refuse to admit that this is it

With every reason to let go
Still I hold on

Consultations with my inner most
energies analysed

Our first encounter set it in stone
The feeling when you meet someone
you are bound to fall in love with

-Ndim’lo -19/04/2020

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