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Nkululeko Zondi is a former University of Johannesburg student and a University of South Africa graduate. He was raised both in KwaMashu and Soweto and considers himself a conscious black individual who is well aware of the inequalities that Steve Biko spoke of decades ago. Nkululeko very active on social media platforms.

Facebook: Nkululeko YeSizwe
Instagram: Nkululekoyesizwe
Twitter: @Knocksmann

Count me in

the activism against

the violence and abuse

on women and children


Open the gates

for me to love life,

family and everyone

around me despite age,

sex, gender and skin colour


Write my name

as well as one who

has changed from the

bad to good by using speech

instead of excruciating painful force


Make me a

brother for life who

understands that manhood

is not about ill treating those

that are physically weaker than me


Allow me to be

a ground breaker

of inhumane indifference

and to break unjust barriers

to uncover the innate human good


Invite me to be

part of moulding the

leaders and parents of tomorrow

by preaching equality and dialogue


Hear my noble

knock as we engage

in the auditorium for social

cohesion and transformation


Please count me in…

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