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Ocean Of Eternity

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It’s an ordinary place,

Yet imagination runs wild,

Can you even picture this?

Would you be able to maintain interest?

When daily we are swayed by doses of

Mass produced fakeness,

You ask how I see realness.

On the smiles of children,

Whose innocence displays humanity’s weakness,

Some say find peace through forgiveness,

I say find peace within your soul first,

Recreate you attitude toward your fellow man and find faith in simplicity and humbleness,

We are all able to achieve greatness without social status,

If you choose to debate this,

Then state you case please and don’t think it breaks my interest,

For realness is defined within the eye of the creator,

Because reality is the canvas on which all of life’s artists paint their joy or misery,

I say don’t look at me with hatred or greed,

Look at me and see that we all come from the same eternal seed,

Life is vast and we all share the need for a personal fantasy,

So the creator of all things weaves,

The fabric of time together like an intricate ancient tapestry,

Where would we be without the dark inside the light of future, past and present history,

You and me,

Creation born from intelligent life to eternal beings,

With souls of light,

Floating through life’s eternal seas.

– End –

Copyright Keenan Bailey a.k.a thesunchild 09′

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