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Hello my conscious, that’s when I greeted my brain this morning not because I wanted to, merely because I had soulful tune that was playing in my mind, Dj1derful’s “Soulful House Mix – More Intimate Sessions” was playing on my pc, freshly downloaded from digital-dj’s. it is some simple type of house that has all the genuine instruments attached to the vocal, featuring the likes of Keysha Cole, Eryka Badu, Jill Scott, Mary J. Blidge, etc. It is another underground cost free selection from him; though he claims not to have a movement, he has a long list of followers including myself, He hails from Atlanta, and I had an opportunity to snap him up before preparing his week.


Relationship Status: Married

More about Dj 1derful:

Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia and coming from what many consider a very trying time in “music” today, he tries to insert some variety, some difference. Business and art are diametrically opposed forces and music has become a business. DJ 1derful attempts to bring the art, the expression to anyone who will listen. With a lifelong love of music, 1derful has chose mixing underground music as his instrument of musical expression.

The Mission is to be a conveyor of music regardless of the genre. With this in mind, 1derful’s sets feature soulful sounds to satisfy the both radio listeners and those who delve deeper into the obscure and the underground. 1derful presents sounds and spins down and up-tempo soulful and deep house, classic and current hip-hop and R & B, classics and neo-soul, acid jazz and rare grooves all with 1derful’s personal twist.

It is through his desire to showcase the music he loves, he creates mixes in the hope to bring to the forefront unique and talented artists that are often overlooked and/or lesser known by mainstream audiences. He is, indeed, dedicated in helping artists perfect, produce, and succeed effectively in order to share their gift with the world.

It is his dream and hope to continue to spin and create mixes everyone enjoys. As his style evolves he hopes to eventually create his own remixes following the footsteps of his favorite DJ’s. He also would love to create a 24-7 radio station to create an avenue of the music he loves.

Where do you live?: Atlanta, GA, USA

Website: http://www.dj1derful.com

Twitter: http://www.myspace.com/dj1derfulunderground


Calvin: First and up there, thanks for taking time out of your Hectic schedule to talk to some brothas from the mother land

DJ 1derful: No doubt,  Peace and Blessings to all my people in the motherland. South Africa is carrying the scene right now.  A lot of great music coming from that area.

Calvin: Wow dude, where does 1 begin with you?, let me pull a monotony on you though, Who is DJ 1derful and how long has he been born??

DJ 1derful: Man, I am just an average cat who loves underground, non-commercial music. I am married, with a beautiful wife and 3 incredible kids. I think music needed people like myself and others who just love music and appreciate the art behind it. I am 39 years old. I grew up in the Midwest so I got my influences from New York and Chicago. I did organize the Atlanta Classic and Deep House Meet-up but I had to let that go because of time. I am also a resident DJ at a few spots locally here in Atlanta.

Calvin: I’m inspired by you and your work man, that’s what’s up so what’s up with you

DJ 1derful: My living inspirations comes from my family, the bible, and another book “A Course In Miracles”

Calvin: I like your mixes and your ability to accommodate different genres/artist with such ease, example being one of my favorite, a soulful mix where u featured Erykah Badu and Jill Scott…tell me about that

DJ 1derful: Well, the inspiration for Erykah vs. Jill was to make a tribute to two of my favorite artists. But over all my inspiration is to present underground music, in this case house in a different way. I mean when most people think house they think Techno and there is so much more to the genre. I mean if you take an artist like Miles Davis and look at his catalog, Rebirth of the Cool is a completely different sound than Bitches Brew, house is the same way, completely different sounds in the same genre.

Calvin: Where is house going given the current state and its popularity?

DJ 1derful: I think house is growing and going to places and people that it would not have reached before. Most people like house that don’t even realize what they are listening too. Also, the internet allows so many DJs like myself to share songs that would not see the light of day or only a choice few would know.

Calvin: What is a good house tune according to you and how do you deal with different kinds of criticism and love you get from fans???

DJ 1derful: A good house tune has feeling and soul,  Something that gets the head nodding. That feels good.

Calvin: Many Djs are caught between Electro and your usual traditional house, what’s your thought about that?

DJ 1derful: Very simply, do play what you love not matter what it is.

Calvin: …and come to think of it I’ve never heard an electro mix from you, does that conclude that you are happily in love with your unique type of sets

DJ 1derful: Very much so. I love that sound that I play. That is what I listen to, what I buy, and ultimately what i mix.

Calvin: 1 of the things that humbles me about you is you bio on your page and the way you make a living, would you consider your music a hobby as opposed to a tool you use to earn a living…

DJ 1derful: I would love to make a living DJing, but that is a dream, I just truly love playing music. So I would not call it a hobby, but a passion!

Calvin: Most interviewers smoke this question so ammo be with the trend, who is your ultimate Dj.

DJ 1derful: The ultimate DJ – DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Calvin: Superman, Spiderman Or SoujaBoy????(let it be known that im not implying that souljaboy is a superhero, moving along now)…LOL………………………………….

DJ 1derful: That’s funny..LOL!

Calvin: We know you as a Dj, but I’ve kinda noticed that you love art, are you a painter or a paint collector?

DJ 1derful: No. I don’t paint or collect. Just appreciate the creativity. And I like to match an art piece to my mixes.

Calvin: Im also more familiar with other aspiring Dj’s showcasing their work on your website, how do you go about sending a mix and how does that help?

DJ 1derful: I accept mixes from anyone. I have friends that I host, but I am open to anyone, as long as the mix is good. LOL! I mean, before I had a site, DJ Saskwatch and Nina Morena hosted my first mix on their site digitial-djs.com and that was truly the beginning of what I do now. So I am wide open, not everyone has the money for webspace. Hit me up – thedj@dj1derful.com. Or hit the contact link on my site, www.dj1derful.com

Calvin: Any chance of inviting some of my country’s talent to showcase alongside you and your entourages in Atlanta

DJ 1derful: Absolutely. I mean Black Coffee was in Atlanta about a month ago and destroyed the club.

Calvin: Any part of movements that you are a part of

DJ 1derful: Just the movement of spreading underground non-commercial music and DJs. Who’s with me!!! LOL!

Calvin: Off the record(Not really off it, im being journalistic after all),What interests me is the diverse culture within the different states in the America, is it exaggerated on tv though, compared to real life.

DJ 1derful: Absolutely. TV is staged, scripted, and produced with the purpose to divide and show differences. We are essentially all the same, we all want peace, to have everyone we know be safe and prosperous. We all want our kids to do better than us and everybody is trying to hustle. What you see on TV about the states is the extreme it is not the norm.

Calvin: I would love to see a bus load, well in this case a plane load of American DJs and musicians coming to our shores and gracing different provinces (states) and interacting with our local music scene, vice versa….what is your position on that?

DJ 1derful: I think that literally has to happen. The combination of music and the Internet is connecting us in so many different ways that we need to get to know each other, talk about what influences each other and learn from each other. Because there is no such thing as American music or African music, there is music that is influenced by all cultures. I mean I am just scratching the surface on incredible artists from South Africa, like Black Coffee, Bucie, Qness and Malehloka, and Mafikizolo for example. So if I just heard of those artists, I would love to connect with those artists that I am not familiar with.

Calvin: I know, (From the TV) that music is some sort of life source amongst the blacks society in the states and the recent trend of electro has in a way divided artist with regards to the types of projects they do and so forth, has music in general lost its touch?

DJ 1derful: Man I think that has happened across the board. Development costs money and takes time. Musicians are now looking for the quick fixes, quick money, what’s hot. It’s not about developing talent, or about artists trying new things. So what happens is that artists stay stuck in their own comfort zone and don’t stretch out beyond their talent, so they sound the same until they never heard of again.

Calvin: Well man, I’m honored to be some part of a conversation with you and hopefully one of this good days your music will lend you on our shores, it’s been good and I can’t wait for the mix that you have done for us.

Thanx my dude and peace

DJ 1derful: My man, I cannot tell you how I am truly humbled that you have reached out to me. If there is anything I can do, do not hesitate to reach out. Peace and Blessings. 1 Love

Well Folks, there you have it, those that aspire to have their music cross paths with oceans and seas have heard the man, I know I did and am sending him my demo (not really, I can’t spin nothing of that sort, it is a skill for the specified few), in fact he was kind enough to do a mix for us, listen or download it  at(will provide the link) and tell him and US what you think of him, we’ll love to hear from all of you, leave us a comment and keep working hard, Till then lets all be wonderful.

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