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One Must Die – Film Synopsis

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GENRE:                 DRAMA/THRILLER


one must die


DEZA is a charming township criminal disguised as an entrepreneur, from not finishing Matric to starting up his own business in the township; Deza has become to many parents the township success story of “Panyaza”

What many people from the township do not know about Deza is that, he is actually living a double life. During the day he is a hard working entrepreneur who owns a fast growing restaurant that most people are fond of, however this is a white wash cover up to the high jacking and drug smuggling mastermind work he does for a big boss known as “BIGMAN”.

Deza enjoys the status he receives from the community and within the crime circles however his deepest outer objective is to grow his restaurant franchise because achieving this goal in his life will mean he can have a restaurant franchise that serves as a perfect nestle for money laundering across an infinite sea of townships in South Africa.

Apart from that his ambitions are to grow within the crime world and become the second in command after “Bigman” of whom he has gained love and trust as his own son, as things stand now, Deza is on the verge to be “MADE” the second in command of Bigman.

Trouble looms as Deza develops a great friendship and romance with LUCY, Bigman’s only niece. Bigman’s line goes as far as a love affair with his niece. Deza who was his great choice amongst the criminals is suddenly not good enough for his niece.

This new love between Deza and Lucy proves to jeopardise all his plans to lead a peaceful life with Bigman as now one of his greatest foes. Deza must chose to take on the great criminal Bigman in order to pursue his love with Lucy as well as to get his piece of the pie in the township – a decision that will bring his life into great danger.

Still he is determined not to lose against Bigman.

Will Deza and Lucy’s love for each other suffice enough for both of them to lose the love of Bigman…Will he run, kill or eventually face Bigman’s wrath and eventually the “One Must Die” code?

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One Must Die - Film Synopsis, 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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