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“:Open Spaces:

This artwork is my reaction to the front cover of the ‘City Press’ 11 April 2010.
One of the sub headings on the cover read
“black rage , white rage a nation divided’

Since that famous Rugby game in 1995 South Africa as a people came together and where united! Ubuntu – lets heal the nation, forgive each other and move on.
A new government was in power, ‘black people’ where free to be black and proud, we moved out of the townships and into the suburbs , got better jobs, better education we all forgave each other and started building a new South Africa for all.
The world’s attention was focused on SA, on the sporting front our national teams won world cup’s, and Olympic gold medals. Our arts and culture was won Grammy awards ,Oscar’s and became Hollywood block buster’s.
On the surface everything looked first-class , but as history will tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.

My artwork uncovers that underbelly of Contemporary South African culture.
Racism was swept under the carpet 16 years ago and since manifested into a repulsive sub-culture that no ‘one wants to address publically.
We sit in front of out TV’s , Facebook and Mixit feed off government propaganda and live off fear.

The artwork has grey and dramatic undertone/ background – that represents the ‘grey areas ‘ that people normally dismiss.
Each character represents a different social class , race group and stereotype I blocked out their eyes to hide who they truly are and they really thinking.
The last character is wearing a mask and has distorted face – he represents the South African who see’s through all this rhetoric and is trying to shape his/her surrounds to their rhythm.

Size: A2
Medium: Charcoal and mixed on paper

From January 19, 2011_Artwork by wesleypepper, posted by Wesley Pepper on 1/19/2011 (4 items)

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