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I was born, raised and went through most of my schooling in Kenya. I moved to South Africa in 2001 to pursue my university studies at Wits, where my interest in expressing my views in writing Essays, Short Stories and Poems blossomed and gave rise to most of my current work.

I have been writing Essays, Short Stories and Poems, in one form or the other, since I was about 15 years old, although I never did keep most of my early writings or take them seriously until I got to Wits University.

I have found writing to be very therapeutic, and a way to express my views on Life, Love and Being African. Living, and considering the wealth of experiences we have, on our beautiful African continent, a continent rich with experiences and culture has fuelled most of my work.

I am currently focusing on my career as a banker, and focusing on writing and compiling most of my work (Short stories and poetry) which I will hopefully publish one day.



Like you and I she comes,

Screaming into a world of woe.

Unknown to her innocence,

A life of toil and hardship.

African woman, born of a woman.

She lives a life full of love,

But she lives in utter hatred.

Just like the ones before her,

She is but another one, only just another one.

African woman, born of a woman.

In her time she toils,

If only to feed her seed.

Her heart she bears gracefully,

In the face of woe and sorrow.

African woman, born of a woman.

When her time is nigh,

Just as her mother’s came,

She is to be just another mother,

Only to bring to us another little one.

African woman, born of a woman.

If it be an end,

May it be graceful,

With sorrowful cheer,

A send off for a mighty one.

African woman, born of a woman.

– End –


Take a close look,

An eXamination, if you like;

An element of hatrEd,

Pure Negativity,

Openly Opressive, and yet,

Truly Pitiful

Surely, surely Hideous

An Open act

Of sheer Brutality mixed

With Ignorance beyond

That of Animals!

– End –

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