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Phillippa Yaa – The river

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Phillippa Yaa – The river

by Phillippa Yaa de Villiers

One day the Hillbrow tower started to cry.

Real tears poured down its sides

collected in the gutters and

ran down  Banket Street.

When the other buildings saw

the tower’s sadness, they started to weep

in sympathy.

Soon the whole city was sobbing,

the tears joined other tears and collected

in the depressions and valleys,

they covered the koppies

cascading over Gold Reef City

flooding Fordsburg and

soaking Soweto.

They flowed until they became a river

that carried us into the night

where our dreams grew

taller than buildings


This old poem was found by Abigail Meekel, who drew this beautiful picture to illustrate it!

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