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by Mandisa Vundla









We are a poetry collective consisting of 4 members:






We are individuals who are highly active in the poetry society and have Come together to initiate the change we recite on our stages into the world. We live in, by playing our part in improving the communities we reside in.

As poets, we spend our time practicing our art by reciting enlightenment to the masses. We speak life into the lives of many, we motivate and aggravate thought provoking issues surrounding social ills, identity, culture etc . We heal souls through our spoken art and challenge ignorance by raising awareness. Within our audience as we believe that we need to know the world we live in so. We can determine where to render our charitable services by lending a helping hand










POETICIANS. W.W.W aims at progressing beyond just speaking about change but  becoming the change that we want to see. We seek the words we speak to warrant  a tangible difference, to feed mouths, to revive dreams, to impart hope in the realms of  desolate souls, hence the movements states: POETICIANS.w.w.w- We.Wont.Watch. We will act against the ills crippling our societies. Our main target and focal point being the Orphanages.


There are numerous poetry movements in progress that we will utilize as a platform for the donations to be received. Attendants will be requested to  bring with them any item they have at their disposal in support of this cause,  this will enable us to mobilize an army of poets to take a stand and live up to their poems by practicing what they preach and teach. All proceeds will be sent to the designated orphanage. We will document a calculated estimation of the items collected as track  Record to measure the change instigated by this movement and to determine the  progress of the project, thereafter we will host an entire session dedicated to the  orphanages,  where poets will bless the stage to edutain. Feedback will be given to the  public/poets and the life changing results of  this project will be shared with the participating movements. Masses will be thanked for their contribution. The  progress of this charity movement will be celebrated as we endeavor on making it a success.









So on the 10th of December 2011, we gathered beneath a marquee on the dusty streets of Thembisa in celebration of the graduation at Zamori 418Community Day Care Centre. This is the 1st centre Poeticians.w.w.w will be working with throughout the year Collecting books, toys .etc

This centre was established in 2010 by a group of women who saw  the need to service the community , through various interventions it is led by Ms Nomasonto Mokone, Sibongile Khumbane, Jeff Mohlele and Fikile Zwane Poeticians were delighted to grace this stage and join in the fun

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