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Poetry Anthology – Sikelela ka Kheswa-Setsiba

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Sikelela ka Kheswa-Setsiba

Sikelela ka Kheswa-Setsiba

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E-mail: caroline.setsiba@gmail.com Or caroline@directalk.co.za

4 Gemsbok Road, Greenhills, Randfontein, 1759 – P.O. Box 174, Randfontein, 1760



After enjoying my nice cup of tea

After enjoying the sweetness and

Smoothness of the velvet feeling tea

After enjoying the aroma

From a slow and steady brew

Bringing golden brown strength that’s subtle

Tickles my taste buds and bubbles

Of saliva splash and bust

Like ferries flanking their

Dance delivering slickly skiing

Tackling the taste with tact

Drools trapped on tongue

The last sip and swallow are reason

Why I usually squeeze my tea bag

24/01/2015     18h25



In the rise of the morning

They bask

Like birds singing praises to the sun

They have arrived in Mzantsi

Africans in migration

Africans in the diaspora


At the setting of the sun

They landed

Like birds singing praises to the sun

Over the fence on the boarders of Mzantsi

Africans in motion

Africans at the dusk of the day


In the heat of the midday sun

Shadows unidentified

Like birds of a feather flocking together

With us, pressures the pulse of a time-bomb

African foreign notion of take-over

Africans broad day light rob us of Mzantsi

 24/01/2015          19h00



Wena Ntuli ka Ntu, Ntulikazi, like Dust

The substance God used to create his artwork

Wena Ntuli ka Ntu you ulululate ulululate

Correlatively with corrugated iron

Uncrease the essence of spoken word from

The rubble, phase in mantra from

The diaspora for the

Consciousness of the African Renaissance

With hammer and chisel in

Rhythm and rhyme of ripples of

Dust particles that choke the workshop

Awakening rusted minds with sandpaper

Reigniting the cut and thrust of

Public discourse


Contrast adversity and lethargy with

Surrealism that dance and clap in

Esprit de corps for the people

The plethora of sculpture illustrates the

Diversity and dynamism which is

So integral to philanthropy and Building the Nation

Bring to life brains buried in

Loud silence through your mannerism

Carved on a tree whose legs you

Amputated, the memento of our history

Grind voices on stone to

Preserve generations past and present

The statue of hope bears your name


Blisters in your hands are

A discourse from a laudable speech

Ntuli I ulululate and salute you as

A living ancestor of this age

Wena Ntuli ka Ntu

 24/01/2015     20h32

An ode to a son of the soil, an African intellectual, an Avant Garde, Professor Pitika Ntuli for being an inspiration, contributing to the building of social cohesion and Nation Building through his art works.



Sikelela ka Kheswa-Setsiba


Can somebody vouch me now with a smile

And say “yes” here is this woman

She is the African Madonna


She goes around all laden with diamonds and gold

She is a credit to her family

She upholds the honor of her family

She is phenomenal


She feeds life with her milk of human kindness

From her breast firm as the mountains of Maluti

Blessed of all human species

Strong and tough in substance, created from the bone of dust

Can somebody vouch me now with a smile

And say “yes” here is this woman

She is the African Madonna


Her lips, a sweet sparkling wine cool from the cellar

She is like fresh honey, men stick to her

Her voice is like sounds of sea waves at dawn

Calming the day about to be birthed


Can somebody vouch me now with a smile

And say “yes” here is this woman

She is the African Madonna


Her love red as a rose with thorns

Shielding it from abuse

Her heart white like lilies covered in morning dew

Her presence powerful but tender like blue violets in bloom


Can somebody vouch me now with a smile

And say “yes” here is this woman

She is the African Madonna


Elegance covers her body as she sways

Her hips from left to right

Her beauty so innocent like a new-born infant

Her confidence explodes and renders you frail


Can somebody vouch me now with a smile

And say “yes” here is this woman

She is the African Madonna


Her crown of wisdom glitters with solutions

And resolutions from evolution to creation

She begins with passion and brings to perfection

That which she lays her handy hands on

Shrewd in thinking and very articulate in content

Trust her and cross your heart she never disappoints

Appoint her queen and anoint her with royalty

She is the African Madonna


Can somebody vouch me now with a smile

And say “yes” here is this woman

She is the African Madonna

20/09/2013     05h30




Sikelela ka Kheswa-Setsiba

So pure and innocent is the morning

Like a new-born infant

Before it yields its first cry

Before the birds begin to sing


Before the rattle of the engines

Before the mind begins to travel in trouble

Before the bare shepherds’ feet print

The dew that sleeps upon the grass


The air fresh with clean aroma

The stars like kings rejoice, enjoy the space

While time for their day sleep nears

Oceans speak in their multitude of voices

Keeping life alive in the dead quiet

Of the morning, good morning!


The peace of souls and spirits uncorrupted

The joy and sadness of the moment

Of expectations of the new day

Pregnant with the unknown

Silence and stillness of the morning

Scares obstacles and hindrances


Prayers smoothly reach the Almighty

The brief sweet feeling of you and nature

Alone in short time space

The feel as you take the first breath

after your eyes open

your body awakes

Is greater than worldly wealth

The heartbeat throngs gently

Like drops of milk from the cows breast

After morning milking

So pure and innocent, good morning

9/10/13   5h05


Sikelela ka Kheswa-Setsiba

Sikelela ka Kheswa-Setsiba



Sikelela ka Kheswa-Setsiba

They call me names

Hlengiwe Ivy Vilakazi

Sudden dead silence as I enter the room

Hello friends! I greet

Hello, they reply with a smile on their lips

A curse from their eyes


I approach the seat in their proximity

Chairs quickly become vacant

One after the other


I go to dish up as usual

I find there’s only one set of crockery

That is reserved for me

The rest brought their own

Hlengiwe Ivy Vilakazi

They call me names


The transporter no longer will fetch me

Out of the blue car is overloaded

Ironically I have been replaced by someone


I walk down my crowded home street

People suddenly vanish into thin air


Both adult and child take a dive

Behind the tree, behind the wall

Behind the curtain they peep

Their whispers so loud and deafening


At home my brother hugs and welcomes me

My mother is disgusted and leaves the room

For they call me names

Hlengiwe Ivy Vilakazi


One thing I am sure of is

Something has to end, my life or the stigma

Nelson Mandela once said

“ there comes a time in life when

You either submit or fight”

This is that time to make a choice

Ending my life is submitting

Ending the stigma is fighting


I went to church and said

“Pastor pray for me”

She said “no child go home wash

And comb your hair like you used to”


That night I had a dream

About a world of people renewed

Their minds were clear their hearts pure

The discourse had shifted

The air filled with love

they held hands, thoughtful for one another?


I jumped awake from the nightmare

Washed and combed my hair like I used to

On the mirror I saw me

Alive and beaming with hope


Then I did the best thing for myself

I laughed out loud in celebration

Hugged myself

Now listen carefully! I commanded

My name is Hlakaniphile Inspiration Victorious!


Echoes of my laughter rippled, reached out

And touched the feeble and indignant

The infected and affected

Hopeless Ignominious Vanquished

A first smile since their status

From their bedsores they rose

Their feet stood them up strong


As they spread out their arms

To join the chain of victory

The smell of death fled out the window

We have life, we are victorious

Call us new names like

Heroic Illuminate Vanguards

HIV can be beaten

We together we stand and stay positive.

10/10/13   10H10



Whisky, Whisky Old Friend

Oh whisky whisky

Old friend indeed my whisky

Gently there when I’m in need

Smelly filling air so sweetly

Pouring into my cup so velvety

I lift with hope so highly

My world glowing and sparkling

One kiss and downing greedily

Aah! The chills run the spine speedily

My brain awakes and sharpens explosively

Feels like a new world amazingly

I deserve to reward myself amply

If I’m sunk in fathoms of you whisky

I feel an avalanche of peace swiftly

28/02/2012                 16h25


Sikelela ka Kheswa-Setsiba

Sikelela ka Kheswa-Setsiba


Sikelela ka Kheswa-Setsiba


Bayede mfazi womlungu, nkosazana emhlophe

Wena wendlovu!

Wena ondlebe z’khanyilanga!

You stopped the blood river from flowing

Once again, and let truth be told

White woman unmasked a white terrorist

After black on black violence

A clash of nature they said

White good prevailed against white evil

The world was shaken

The earth went trembling

Gloves were off

He Bafazi!

The blood of freedom impis was boiling

Mouths of graves of martyrs opened

Waters of the oceans and rivers heated up

The stars appeared dimmed by shock at broad daylight

The moon peeped behind the sun

Greyed and aged

Rainbow colors separated from each other

The sun almost melted at midday

Voices of leaders growled like wounded lions

Negotiations came to a halt

At the brink of that which, had been avoided

Repeating like history

The giant rose and speaked (spoke)

Mandela! uMadiba,  Sopityo, Vela be mbentsele

uNngqolomsila, uHem hem

like Jesus Christ calming the seas

and they obeyed

so rippled the wave of calm

over the country

siyabulela ntomb’emhlophe

wena owendlebe zikhany’ilanga

ikomanisi, ibomvu, u Chris Hani lizawulala ngoxolo

ngesenzo sakho kroti legorhakazi

bayede m’fazi womlungu, nkosazana emhlophe

wena wendlovu!

12/02/2013     8h30




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