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Service costs


Service costs

He is my pride, everywhere I go I wear.

When I am lost in the dark he is my flair.

I am filled by his love like a balloon compressed by air.

I do not dare

Make him despair,

For we are a pair


We are like seasons, unalterable-

Summer I should concentrate

On because it illustrates

The love he inflates in me.

I cannot estimate

Nor rate

The amount of times he has sang the same song with no words I cannot demonstrate,

Because no man can imitate

This man. There is no duplicate

Of this man. This man is considerate.

This man is my soul mate.

This man is..

He is

People ask if I am insane.

That question I cannot retain

Because my heart is telling me ‘no’ but what about my brain?

Can you explain?

The emptiness in my veins.

I am literally drained

By the love he contains.

May he reign

May he reign

May he reign

For eternity

Because my main

Reason to do this is to gain

Happiness and satisfaction.

He is the man from my wildest imagination.

The perfect creation.

The combination

Of reality and fiction.

Well you know, he loves to play with my emotions

But he knows forward is my motion

Because every other direction leads to my affections being played,

Like a basketball game being delayed.

He is like a ray

Of sunshine in a small café.

The only light I see to show me the way.

That is why I will always stay

To make sure what we have will not decay.

I cannot afford to lose this precious diamond I know you would not even find in Kimberly.


The sparks produced in me

Cause intensity


Enough to cover New York City’s average population density.

He is my one and only-

My destiny.

Service costs

What I feel in my heart is very hard to discharge.

I cannot even write it on a card

Because once I start

I leave hearts

Badly scarred,

Like mine which is beyond repair.

This is not fair!

Everyday I stare

In the mirror and ask myself why he does not care.

I mean I would eat a bear

For this guy

I would even buy expensive clothes just to look ‘phly’.

He is the most amazing being identified.

He is like a bird in the sky

That just glides

Its wings with pride.

I cannot keep alive

My veins are hollow I cannot survive

Only he can make me revive

Because he is my life

He is..

He has got me rapped around his little finger

Like I am some kind of figure

No, not a figure of speech but like a stigma

That attracts bees except it lures niggas.

So how can you blame I?

I, who has no future,

Who has been neglected by nature,

I, who is known as an amateur,

At least not by him, because it’s not in his culture.

Even his body structure

Shows that he is a vulture.

The way he feeds off my heart like it is a free voucher,

Like I am his own sculpture

Posing for a perfect picture

While reciting my scriptures.

Which are obviously for him the apple of my eye.

By now you would have realised

That this is finalised.

No need to compromise.

Because I am He

And He is..


– End –


Service costs

Would you mutualise my feeling to fill up my senses?

You know strong it is no need to draw up a census.

Would you take me to high places?

From the desert, lead me to an oasis.

Would you be a detective to solve all my cases?

Help me find out who “I” is.

Would you create chemistry if I was a scientist?

See how many electrons we can form by only using positives.

Would you let “I” be the solutions to your problems if “I” was a psychiatrist?

‘Cause I would give you loving treatment prescribed for every night. Try this

Mix with desert, pour custard and smear chocolate mousse on it.

Taste it,

Kiss it,

Like wine glass put your lips on it,

Feel it,

Inhale so it works in the internal casket.

Working its way through the roots to where the main source is.

Rearranging your emotions to you know how it feels

To have different wants yet no one gives

What one needs to live.

So would you be my food and I will be your ribs

Protect the breakage of your hearts from fists.

I will give you space so you can breathe

If you give your heart for me to breed.

Would you leave evidence for me ti dig?

Be a precious rock for this archaeologist.

‘Cause every piece of you is vital proof for the murder caused in this

Making me lack structure

So would you be my foundation to help build this sculpture?

Would you mould me hands so I can feel our texture?

Through your grain I would venture

To your eyes and see a vivid picture

Of what you see in our future.

Would you be an actor?

So with you, I can co-star

‘Cause for you I’d be a killer!

Would you be my guest if I was Oprah?

Tell me what you need and I will make you richer

Just as long as you be my emotional provider

So would it be in our nature

To be together,

To share our experiences with one another?

Would you nurture..me with your love?

Would you do all of the above?

Do what has never been done.

Would you be..The One?

– End –

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