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This is the world
That was created through words
Words spoken turned into destinies
Words written turned into manuscripts
Words acquired through scripts
Turned into knowledge
And knowledge turns us to be conquerors
I am the words translated through the pen
I am the words uttered through the tongue
Of all I am the one
That uses His Word
And the one
That believes in His son


You Fought

You fought for what you believed in

You fought not only for your brothers and sisters

But also for your enemies

You fought for justice for the oppressed

And fought for injustice to the perpetrators

You fought for even those

Who didn’t have goals

To help them discover

What lies within their soul

You fought and taught us

That even we can be whole


You fought for the seed

That is not yet sown

Yet you believed in the fruits

That though this fight

They will be ripe

Though you were caged

Though years have come and gone

And you remained caged with no light

The perpetrators didn’t understand

That your dream matures with time

That even through the torture

Everything was still going to be fine


You fought not from the outside

But with something that is in the inside

That even when white and black colours are not the same

They still have the same red fluid flowing within them

You helped us realise

That we are the same red blood

And blood is much thicker

Than what lies on the outside


A gruesome battle it was

So helpless because you didn’t have visible weapons

But the brain was the secret weapon

That was full of wisdom and humbleness

And when translated through the mouth

It manifested into freedom and democracy.

– End –

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