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My name is Hellen Mmalai Pontsho Maphoto.I am originally from Pretoria. I write poems and motivational books ( not yet published ). I play basketball and recite the poems in church. I work in Mpumalanga.

He is the light

He is the light

That shines upon me

The energy created

Through the burning of fire

Burning my transgressions

Leaving me with no track nor trace of my sins

And guilt will no longer bite

For He left me bright in the light

Giving me the right

To stand upright

When darkness falls

He is the cloud of fire

That sets my path alight

The moon that gives me hope

Enlarging my shadow

Allowing me to walk tall

He is the stars

That brightens my nights

Guiding me to higher places

And leading me to sacred places

Even when the wicked

Will use the burning fire

To destroy the righteous

I will still hang on to the light

That comes from fire

And even when they’ll use a furnace

To destroy the light that is in me

I will continue to hang onto the light

For I know it won’t burn me to die

I will arise and shine

Shining to the greener destinations

For He is my light, my Creator

And the Governor of greater lights

– End –

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