Pretoria Glass Art Exhibition

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Lothar Bottcher is hosting a platform for Pretoria artist to participate in a glass exhibition, titled “Blow Your Sculpture”, artists got together in the Hotshop where they all brought along moulds, these moulds where used to blow hot glass into.

The exhibitions will be taking place in the Pretoria Botanical Garden (15-16 Oct 2016) and then taking on the roof of the Pretoria Art Museum (17-30 Oct 2016). There hasn’t been an exhibition on the rooftop for years! We are very excited about the exhibition space. Activating old Pretoria and making it new and fresh. Just like glass in the art world, as it is busy being resurfaced, particularly in our focus of Pretoria. There was another exhibition titled “Out of the Fire into the Light”, curated by Lothar Bottcher and Dr.Anderson, hosted at the Pretoria Art Association on 23 September till 13 October 2016.

What is Blow Your Sculpture?

BYS is a project inspired through the first ever Guerrilla Bienalle, Cool Capital 2014. It aims to build a bridge between glass as an expressive medium and sculptors, fostering collaboration and exposing new ideas and approaches to the flexibility of the material. We are also presenting the Jazz Cantina Brass Band and the Hashtags MustFall campaign.

Music: Jazz Cantina (Unplugged Brass Ensamble)

With: -#HashTagsMustFall -“Every Other Day” – TUT Art Student Fundraiser – & more…

Bring your basket of goodies, drinks & sunshine attitude to: Pretoria Botanical Gardens*

Date: 15 & 16 Oct

Time: 14:00 – 20:00

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