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Fine Artist Social Entrepreneur - I'm the piano player, composing my life's soundtrack. Mondego: If u want to put the world right, start with your self.. live your passion !!!!! `If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!!` words by My Late great Grand Father

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Monarchy Entertainment was founded in 1997. The idea was brought about by spending time in a small recording studio. One of the artists present introduced Ivanne to a motion picture which was called The Last Castle. This film had a huge influence on him and subjected exactly what he wanted to achieve in his music career.The word monarchy signifies an empire; an empire is precisely what we would like to accomplish, musically speaking. We here at Monarchy would like to build a unit that stands strong, driven by purpose to stay committed to our vision which continuously expands.

Our vision is to bring quality entertainment to every door step, every radio station, every television set and broader media throughout Southern Africa.

Our mission is to uplift all people through music no matter their color or creed. We believe that youngsters should be reformed and our elders blessed by the positive energy and the quality not only that of our music but in our South African heritage. We intend doing this by creating music that appeals to young and older generations. Our core target markets are those who are young at heart and individuals who have a zest for life.

This core artists/performers that form part of this initiative are Ivanne Faywers, Donovan Jacobs, Charlton Van Wyk, Jarrod Smith and Francois Van Wyk. Together we have launched our initiative by performing around Kimberley at venues which include Wacjaw and Flamingo Casino. We have been well received by the crowds that have seen us perform our music. We have also graced the pages of our local paper The Diamond Fields Advertiser pictured with world renowned DJ Ready D.

Contact Details

Ivanne Faywers
Cell: 083 525 4305

Email: vansmigle @gmail.com

Donovan “Don-Deng” Jacobs
Cell: 076 815 2006

Email: mrdonjacobs @gmail.com

Charlton “Chillow” Van Wyk

Cell: 073 837 1904

Email: charltonvw @gmail.com

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