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Fine Artist Social Entrepreneur - I'm the piano player, composing my life's soundtrack. Mondego: If u want to put the world right, start with your self.. live your passion !!!!! `If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!!` words by My Late great Grand Father

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consciousness Richard “Quaz” Roodt is a 25 year old artist originally from Promosa, Potchefstroom in the North West Province. He experiments with various mediums and art fields.These include Performance Poetry, freestyling, Theatre, and Music, video, photography, graphic design and writing. He forms part of the very popular, Johannesburg based, Likwid tongue collective famous for their out of the box charity open mic shows. Quaz is currently a facilitator at Keleketla!, a children’s library based in  the Johannesburg city centre where he workshops plays and theatre activities with the children from around the inner-city.Quaz has been actively involved on the Jo`burg underground poetry and hip hop  scene for the past 7 years as a performer, host, organizer, and facilitator.Quaz has been actively involved on the Jo`burg underground poetry and hip hop  scene for the past 7 years as a performer, host, organizer, and facilitator.

He has had his poetry and essays published in numerous anthologies, websites and newspapers and has also self published and mass produced a small collection of his poems in 2005 called The Orange Book which was given to the public for free.The orange book vol 2: The anti machine project is his second anthology is now officially available. Quaz currently writes and co-owns a Jo`burg based publication called S.W.A.R.T, a digital magazine. His column is called Outside the Lines.

Quaz has also released two mixtapes the first called The immaculate thoughts of Za`uQin 2007and the second The chocolate brown guy mix tape in late 2008.Under a different name (Sam English) he has produced numerous other instrumental projects. Under the same name he hosts Sub~Etha Pirate radio. A concept driven underground radio show (podcast), available for free on the internet…As an actor Quaz has taken part in numerous productions staged at various festivals.

These include:

  • Port Louis Theatre festival (Mauritius),
  • The Exodus poetry festival (Botswana)
  • The Grahamstown arts festival,
  • The market theatre laboratory,
  • Windybrow theatre,
  • S.A.N.C.T.A festival (Wits University),
  • Directors Forum (wits tech) and
  • The Horror café( Newtown)

Published works

  • S.W.A.R.T magazine
  • I nostri semi- peo tsa rona Anthology (Italian publication) (2007)
  • Reunited siblings Exodus anthology (2006)
  • The orange book   (self published) (2005)
  • The Star
  • Daily sun
  • The metro citizen


  • The immaculate thoughts of Za`uQ mixtape (2007)
  • The chocolate brown guy mixtape          (2008)
  • Swart magazine vol 2 soundtrack (as Sam English)
  • Swart magazine vol 2 soundtrack (as Sam English)
  • Sub~Etha

Theatre work

  • Dance Mzansi (Grahams town arts festival)
  • The statue (S.A.N.C.T.A festival)
  • Ways of dying (Port Louis, Mauritius)
  • Polke draai (wits tech)
  • Gumede and the gogo (horror café)
  • The epic adventures of biff and Ef-you up
quaz quaz

Richard “Quaz” Roodt

Performances history

  • Def jam 25th anniversary party
  • Pan South African language board festival Soweto
  • Gauteng shared services heritage month celebration
  • Ekhuruleni career open day
  • EXODUS Poetry FESTIVAL Botswana
  • Dep. Art sport and recreation public space performance program.
  • Last days family album launch (Host)
  • Puisano Jazz auditions and workshops (host)
  • Likwid tongue open mic shows (host)

Radio appearances

  • YFM the bridge (Rap Olympics captain, and reigning champs)
  • YFM rap activity jam (crowned freestyle emcee of the month)
  • Yfm word of mouth poetry
  • Kaya fm
  • Radio 2000
  • Voice of wits radio
  • Uj fm
  • Cityx radio
  • Jozi fm
  • Johazardous pirate radio

Television appearances

  • SABC international (Sabc int.)
  • Sprite emcee Africa (channel O)
  • Cipher (sabc1)
  • Wild room (sabc1)
  • Shiz nizz  (e.tv)
  • Soweto tv
  • 3 talk with Noeleen (sabc3)
  • Metropolitan life advertisement (featured poet)

music releases

  • The immaculate thoughts of Za`uQ mixtape (2007)
  • The chocolate brown guy mixtape (2008)
  • Background music for time traveling backpackers (as Sam English)
  • Sam English presents: swart magazine vol:2 the soundtrack

Other upcoming projects

  • The anti machine project mixtape
  • Sam English presents :A summer night with Bobby
  • Sam English presents: mushrooms (instrumental)
  • Sam English presents: the beautiful chaos (instrumental)

Sam English presents: Sub-Etha pirate radio the live mixtape Featuring Za`uQ, Quaz & Sir Richard Slamwell the 1st

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