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The path of exsistence is never easily explained,

Though enlightenment can be obtained on any mainframe,

Or spec of matter in our slightly evolved brains,

Within the distance we feel the future,

Some choose to even live there,

Within the past we see our trueselves,

However others choose to relive their joys and miseries there,

Live for today is easily said,

As easy as turning gold into lead,

My question is,

Do you choose to live out the fear inside your head,

Or use the knowledge gained to recreate your future instead?

Fears are born from insecurity,

Insecurity lies within the darkness of the heart,

Always overcome when the light inside illuminates the path,

My claim is never perfection for no one human ever is,

My claim is for reflection,

It’s how I understand my true being,

Through rhythm and rhyme,

Personal poetry and quiet time,

I dictate the undercurrents,

Which sweep us along our designated time lines,

These words and thoughts exist forever,

Especially when made evident daily,

These words and thoughts shape existence negative and positive,

So I try to be carefull what I say,

And if by negative some days I am confronted,

I find a place to meditate and pray,

Counterbalancing this energy which  I have created,

Then ask for patience and forgiveness,

If I may have lead any others  astray,

Every person is given this gift and power,

Only a true gift when used the right way,

So within the confines of projected reality,

School your mind with light everyday,

If you are so inclined,

With patience all things will happen as you say.

– End –

Copyright Keenan Bailey a.k.a thesunchild 09′

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