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Refilwe Sorinyane

A self-taught artist and fluently acquainted with pottery, interpretative and observational sketching and painting, scriptwriter, and poet; www.blogspot/treehugn.com. She has worked with well known and well-rounded fine artist Gigi Kenalemang (e.g. http://www.mmegi.bw/index.php?sid=7&aid=35&dir=2008%2FJune%2FThursday19, www.bsa.org.bw/html/documents/artefactsJuly07.pdf,), with regards to pottery as her mentor for the duration of 6 months in the year of 2009 and has since founded a company called Instantly Organic (Pty) Ltd. Instantly Organic (Pty) Ltd is currently concerned with implementing creative and cultural platforms to showcase aspiring talents in Gaborone.


Letters to Yeshua: Righteous Fountain

I Am a Flame
born of a flame,
I devour susceptibility,
I consume illusion,
A true Cynic born into ignorance-the great misfortunate.

I am a Lamp;
a juggernaut
flame thrower
in the homestead furnace…
Burnt and Illuminated,
born to Die Everlasting.



Letters to Yeshua: My Honey

thank you for being a reflection of the matrimony of my Trust in Jehovah & His Spirit entrusted to Me; my miracle,
thank you for trusting in the Journey & readily parting with all that has washed up on our shores,
allowing Change & your soft plumb man lips to settle on my smile,
thank you for taking this long walk on top of the waters with me, I trust your intentions entirely,
slow is just as sound,
now lower your anchor my pirate Prince & cast your strongest net over the deep,
take from my heart the works of your labour reciprocated,
cast your net further & take from my spirit; abundant nectars-suckle from colonies of the most opulent cultivation,
now reel in the catch & take from my body a brooding magnetism, subtle to efferve with a piercing unrelent
& Strength in Knowing what no other will ever know about My Honey

– End –



Who lives
Lost grains
From your brothers’ places,
Gathered and re-crystallized,
Do I belong to you?

Did you follow my people
from fresh water banks?
Aboard the fervent belt of Kibara
Where the ground sleeps in agony;
When I too,
Was but a Thought.

We are much alike you and I,
We do not travel light
We carry the weight of our past
To mark our path into the future,
We base our growth on a Consistent

Upon golden footstools,
Low enough
To go unnoticed;
Hiding our contentment.
And High enough
Not to draw suspicion.

– End –

The History of Faith

The world is overcome by patholigcal belief a conscious system; calculated,

Habits of tradition; systematic and lifestyle oriented.

Aprocess of indoctrinatin taken wit actions of false conviction,

Turning a false key of generational infliction,

Inherited religion; with its folly and fallacy and fraternal submission.

When Darkness moves you from your home becuase you failed to meet the rent;

A fire of rage and uncertainty engulfs your herat without relent,

You say and break things, waste away inside the pot of defeat

And push away the ones who can’t take away the heat and bleed!

To near death like a thug walkning the streets

When something tells you to fall to your knees…

Gallant Angels Affray,

Break the common fast-way

And knock off 30 days,

Speak to the Gardener, and avoid Decay.

We have losses to recover and costs to pay

A life transaction to elevate the inner Self-a Straight Way.

A distinct cry that will be heard!

Despite the past a way forward!

– End –


i gave away my soul to Love,

and brace myself the Blow,

instead Love grows;

engulfs my heart n polishes it to glow.

i gave my soul for Love to keep,

inspite of all the hurt,

my heart resists the cold of day and night by holding onto Hope.

i gave my soul to Love alone,

and now that we are one

the Rain will always restore the peace inside my heart.

– End –

Lucy’s levado

Be my friend n allow me to speak, share in my childhood faces/phases.

Wait 4 me when i’m in trouble n take up my defenses.

Without competing 4 light to grow like weeds,

In a promised field; allow me to receive you without conflicting beliefs.

If i acknowledge that i don’t have to know you best,

Wil you put down your moral opinions n allow the Most High handle the rest.

I’m willing to share you n to be true to your success,

Please forgive me if it comes across as any less.

I’m your shoulder when you’re in pain,

And i’m prepared to celebrate your aspirations attained.

See how when we receive each other we have to both be two complete;

To accept ourselves n bow down in self-defeat.

And as a shirtless Wind would thrust us into the vast beyond,

I’d hoist our sail of loyal Submission n

Scope my lens of Acceptance in guard of the horizon.

– End –


im so irritated with love.
love doesnt hear my voice n read my thoughts.
love lingers til love disappears.
i chase love thru the deforestation of fruitles minds
tryin to engage wer love once pasd n follw the trail to find my love again.
love gave me a reason to live and now i want to give love a place
in heart ful of warmth an uncertainty but love fails to turn back
and reconsider.
my shoes are wearing thin and my heart is growing empty
without more love.
i should gather my strength and think ahead of love
then maybe i might catch up to my love again..

– End –

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