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Reitumetse Johnson

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Reitumetse Johnson is a director of Azali Nuru Development agency
based in Ateridgeville. We work with youth and the general public on
developing and implement poetry sessions and workshops around Tshwane,
in schools and other places. I have also been involved in poetic
theatre, on a show called decades which ran last year at the state

My work is more on nature and and human emotions, i try to appreciate,
quetion and visualize the coming amaze. I also write children books.

Hope you enjoy my offering

One Love
Reitumetse Johnson


State of being

How does life know how to live?

In the thin bodied flesh

Permeated by ashes of my indecency

How do I find joy?

In the cacophony of my own heart

Where we are live to be love,

Yet we become hate

We become violence

We become death

How does life know how to live?

The redness of pain pours blood of a thousand murdered generations

In anger, jealousy and doubt

Wiping humanity like boiling waters

Underneath the earth

Raising the clenched fist to torture our families

Instead of freedom and peace

Death is a new definition of Freedom

Each birth of the sun

Each breath of the gun

Each track I run

Each black teach one

Each love is enough

At least with each I can/ we can dream to be one

Graze in ocean sky

Parade in the roughness that mirror heaven right here on earth

Serenade with sedating sunrise, moonset jazz

Pave and wave at last night bliss and blander

Everyday life lives in a livable pace

But how does life know how to live

How do I learn to live like life in a livable pace?

– End –


When the sober mind enquires the crevasses

Of this vast human life,

Movements of myriad styles,

Rituals and habits,

Conversations with God

And the birth of a new moon, new sun

“A new state of mind”

Curtis Mayfield has called it,

The fragrances of lingo,

Flair of spirits that entertain

With riddles of life,

The voices of creation

That continues breathing Truth

Even after death has conquered,

The natural mystic

The complex simplicity

The peace within

The love without

The gift of breath,

With all, How come

We only know God sometimes

– End –

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