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Constant cause for thought and contemplation,

Or indignation?

For the vast majority rely on TV, radio, false history and Politian’s for inspiration,

Some seek wisdom,

Others find their truth within religion,

It’s like the only peace you find is in existence,

Momentarily that is,

For fear overcomes even the most rooted trees,

How can life be made up of so many variables,

Then some say they have found the truth within the leaves?

Personal truth within each situation I think,

For even the ones who’s experiences are similar to your own,

Still don’t know about the demons that torment when you are alone,

So we carry on,

Age providing experience,

Some find their peace,

Others choose to make the same mistakes,

And yet still some choose to walk about in ignorant bliss,

Nothing wrong I guess,

I say judge no one,

But sometimes indoctrination still gets the better of me,

And even though I believe I have found peace and I am free,

I still battle demons daily,

Fight them off easily with music and poetry,

But how do I make others see?

I guess it’s not up to me,

So I continue to just be,

Smile sunshine through rainy days and always grateful,

To the great mother of creation who made me this way,

What is your way?

And who am I or they to say anyway,

Unless you read this with objectivity you may as well just throw it away,

At least I know forever these words live on,

For the spirit from which it was born,

Is sometimes bold,

but never scorned,

Regenerating and evolving into new life forms,

Based on word and bond.

– End –

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